High school guidance: What to do if you mess?

school guidance
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The choice of school is a very important step for a student: for this reason it is necessary to do a good eighth grade orientation, so that all the boys know the different high schools, technical institutes and professional institutes and choose according to their own inclinations. However, many times it makes the wrong choice and some student at a certain point realizes to be led to another type of studies, he found that, at a certain point, to change school. What to do then in such cases? Never fear, follow our advice here is what to do if you fail to choose the high school!

school guidance
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Each school organizes detail the high school orientation, inviting teachers and managers of the various institutions or participating with the students to the open day. But often this is not enough, because a boy is influenced by friends, relatives, or by teachers themselves, or simply think you are brought to a course of study not suitable, realizing this after a few months of school. In any case, do not despair: it is normal to make mistakes, especially at 13 years, when we still do not have clear ideas about their future and their own inclinations. But if you want to avoid mistakes before they enroll in a high school remember to:

  • Inform you on all existing institutions and related curricula
  • Properly evaluate your skills and where they’re more apt materials
  • Think about what you would like to become large 


But if you find you have made a mistake do not worry, you can change schools! If you find the error before the start of the school year, when you still have made only pre-register, simply cancel it and do it again at another institution. If you realize that you have not made the right choice only after a few months, you must first report the intention to change schools to their institute, which will contact the student’s family with the chosen school. 

If you decide to change schools before the end of the first quarter, the boy will have to request the authorization to your institution and then have an interview at the new, Subsequently, the Agency Council will decide whether it is appropriate to admit the student. Some teens, however, realize that they have made the wrong choice in the second or third higher: do then in such cases? Here the situation is a bit more complicated, since it is necessary to sit an entrance examination with a skills assessment. Therefore it is necessary to prepare privately, especially in areas not present in the curriculum of the school attended, and once passed the exam, you will be able to attend the new school.

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