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dress well
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How to dress well in school

It may be fashionable at school without triggering the wrath of Mom, Dad, teachers and principal? The answer is yes, although sometimes it seems that adults do not know how to do anything other than criticize the look of the boys.In reality, however, dress well at school (and we mean well in a way you like it especially to you!) Is not impossible: you can choose the style you like, as long as you respect some simple rules. 

The alternatives are many, but there are some items that you must have in your wardrobe, basic items that you can combine in different ways every day to go to school. We try to understand what they are and how they can create a very respectable outfit!

dress well
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Everyone can customize their own style even when he goes to school, but there are some mistakes to avoid in choosing clothing as a student. For example, in the warm months, it is not recommended the use of tank tops, shorts, Bermuda shorts and open-toed shoes (flip flops!), So that in many institutions the regulation prohibits precisely to bring these garments. A good way to get around at least part of the ban is to try to always have a sober glance avoiding, perhaps, to wear all these garments simultaneously. 

To avoid in general are too skimpy outfits, low-cut shirts, skirts and dresses too short:no words to disco look, but also to make too heavy, flashy accessories, perfumes and fragrances too pungent. As for hats and sunglasses, remember to take them off as soon as you enter the classroom. 

The basic rule is always be cleaned and cared for. A bore? Absolutely not!


The basic principle to go to school with the right clothing is therefore to choose a simple style, but it can be you to choose whether you want a classic lokk, sporting or moderately elegant. The right accessories, and (especially!) The pairings can do real miracles! Let’s see what are the clothes that suits you please have the closet hand to always have your own style and be fashionable even at school!

  • T-shirts: a must-have for both boys and girls, to be used especially in the warmer periods, such as the return to school. Prints with cartoons, flowers, polka dots or stripes are some nice variations and help you to not be “anonymous”!
  • Shirts: to be brought in both the summer and winter, the shirts are very fashionable and you can choose in different models and styles. The denim shirt to be worn alone or open over a t-shirt, the plaid or tartan have a master key. For the girls are given also the one with soft cut, maybe colored, perfect to wear over jeans, skirts, leggings (provided they are long enough!) Or clothes. The boys, especially in the warmer periods, they can opt for plaid short-sleeved shirt or wear a funny t-shirt underneath.
  • Sweatshirts, sweaters and maxi-mesh: always go out of fashion and can be combined both to create a sporty style but also casual-chic, more refined. Those with the words and with the fantasies, the matching sweaters combined with large plot, you can combine with jeans, pants, leggings (in the case are long or maxi-meshes), but also in pleated skirts to the knee to have a style a bit ‘more collegial. An advice: Unisex hoodie really become your best friend!
  • Jeans: If you do not know who put pants, when in doubt, wear jeans, versatile garment and suitable for many occasions. Available in many models, tight, with low crotch, high or low life, with faux-ruined effect, dark or light, tight or by elephant paw. Choose the ones you like best, although it is better to avoid school trousers torn and cuts too obvious.
  • Skirts and dresses: with skirts and dresses must pay a little ‘attention, but you can safely wear if you follow some precautions. Avoid skirts or mini-dresses, and generally too lengths above the knee. A pleated full skirt, on American college style, goes very well: maybe to combine with a sweater or shirt and a pair of tights in winter thick. An extra trick? If you can not renunciation to short, do not choose an alternate template and choose very opaque stockings!
  • Shoes with tennis shoes is never wrong! always perfect school, choose the model that you like. However, even a pair of boots, ballerinas and sleepers for girls and moccasins for boys are fine. Visit for more reviews.
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