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7 tips how storytelling affects learning

We are right in the middle of the story. It is not yet finished. We cannot leave the cinema hall if we do not know the end. Even if the film is already over, we must know how it goes! This is the fascinating magic of stories that have captivated us. In our last post, we have already touched the topic of storytelling. Today we go a step further. We walk through the diverse possibilities of stories. On your marks, get set, go

1. Storylines fuse our brain with the message

Facts, facts, forgotten. It’s as simple as that. Hard facts alone are boring and disappear from memory. Unless the facts are borne by a story. The story opens the way to our hearts, where Lady Diana, Paul Potts, and the Polar Bear Knut are waiting for us.learning

2. Provide effective information? Story tinker

A good story has come to an end. No matter whether happy or not. And it has a beginning and a challenge (middle part). Each building has a charm. Mainly because we already know this structure (and connect with our childhood). By already known, we create trust. Any presentation of information can benefit from this regardless of the subject.

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3. Story Roots captivate our imagination

Where are you from? One of the first questions of a new acquaintance. We also want to answer this question in films. Origins are interesting and exciting. They tell how a person has changed. We all want to know how Spiderman develops its superhero power. Much of our history exists only because there are stories. For a long time, it was told orally, before anything could be written down. How was that possible? Only through unique stories. Stories must not only be remembered but also be counted.learning

4. The Story Catapult: From the office to the adventure

Stories let you forget the horrible everyday life. Within minutes we are the pirate, detective, or a feared samurai warrior. It is logical that such a thought-provoking awakens new forces. Not in the story, but. We open ourselves to new ideas and ideas. Not only useful for brainstorming. An ideal starting point for learning.

5. Motivational thrust through storytelling

It is no longer a secret that motivation leads to action. Anyone who can motivate motivation has a lead, even when learning. Stories offer this possibility. A story that takes courage saves energy: no one must be persuaded to learn.learning

6. Storytelling overdubs time management

We have no time! At least for most things. But rumors, films or books are always listened, watched and read. We take the time. The secret ingredient: Successful stories. Then we like to stay on the street and tell or listen.

7. Story sharing

We all want to be shared. And even if the mind understands that “you should not torment animals,” the heart will only be opened when we hear (or read) the story of the miserable dead seal. There are no appeals or facts that are shared, but stories that move us. We, humans, have different buttons: pain, anxiety, and joy. Through good stories, these emotions can be kissed. That is why it is in the age of social media. Stories are told and spread. No matter how big they are.learning

With storytelling, we can create stories that make learning easier for us. If you still have doubts, there is only one thing left, try it.