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first day of school
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Phrases for the first day of school: The most sympathetic greetings

first day of school
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To make a break a special wolf does not need to smashing your brain, just trust us! You’re a motto, a quote or phrase that you need is a collection of sentences on the first day of school to choose for a dedication funny, tender, memorable, ironic! Here is a selection of quotations, aphorisms, thoughts and phrases that can make the case, to wish to spend the most of the school year, never get discouraged!

The most tender and special phrases:

  • “Friends and professors will color this school year, good experiences and bad will cross, but you never lose the desire to smile and learn”.
  • “The first day of school is a new beginning. Do not be afraid of what will be, only focused on the present, and you’ll see that it will be a great year.”
  • Good school year to all! Happy New Year to those who are already there and who has just arrived … Happy New Year to those who fear the news and who is always ready for the challenges of change … Happy New Year to those who went, Happy New Year to those who remained, Happy New Year to those who live school and those who believe … to those who are convinced that it is possible to … Happy New year to those who want to be there!
  • I wish to enter from that door carrying with you all your enthusiasm and your imagination and that they can color the classroom where you will sit; no matter if you are shy, because your shyness is a gift, remember! I hope you will be able to hear the smell of snacks, the smell of tires and spellbound in front of a picture of your first book to read, because it will be your memories, part of your history. I wish you to feel the pleasure of writing on the blackboard and not matter if you write making mistakes, because if correct and including errors do not commit more easily … .TI hope to meet the eyes of your best friend and also what a best friend He failed to have it because they expect to own your own … I hope you enjoy the thrill of being the leader in your class to make the conductor of the future and I wish you to be the last in line because it’s nice to follow the future … Good first day of school!

The most amusing and ironic phrases:

  • “Manual for the perfect student: 1. Study 2. Get up only when there is recreation; 3. Follow carefully what they say professors and nod often; 4. Do not chat with classmates; 5. Do not cheat on math tests; 6. Throw in the trash this message! “.
  • “All I will say, ‘Come on, it will be a great year.” There is too much to hope! You spend the afternoons studying Latin, mathematics and chemistry; in the morning you can not go to the sea; you have to bet each day the alarm clock at 7; and you will never be able to have a relaxing Sunday … Congratulations, soldier! “.
  • Wishes for the start of school year. After a summer of sun and relaxation, it’s time to return to school. Happy first day of school to all of you!
  • The kids go back to school and mom … cheers!

Classic greeting phrases:

  • The starting day of a new adventure is always a day a bit special. The first day of school, then, is an important sign because it imposes a new pace of life, the revival of old confidences, the re-emergence of new commitments and new responsibilities. Good school year!
  • You have the responsibility to find out … what you learn at school today, tomorrow will be decisive for the challenges that the future holds.
  • We wish to never quench your thirst for knowledge: never dampen by anyone!

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