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first day of school
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The first day of school: 8 things you must absolutely have

Are you ready for the first day of school?You have already booked the textbooks, bought diary, pens and notebooks and all the material that will serve you for the return in the pews? Here is a list of things that will serve you the first day of school and that will help you make great your school year.

 first day of school
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Here’s what you must not forget the first day of school:

1. The full belly – do not forget to have breakfast before going to school. It will help you to “soften” the day and the difficult awakening.

2. Your favorite dress – Wearing a dress that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

3. Your most beautiful smile – All a matter of Karma: smile if you want the life you smile.Especially at school!

4. A new hairstyle – New hair, new life! Upon returning to school sporting a cool look and nice. It will make you feel better and give you the right determination to start the new school year.

5. A positive mood – Nothing negative thoughts. It is not easy to return to school, but to dwell on the negative aspects of the moment will not help you. think positive: it will be a great year!

6. A healthy snack – but also tasty, fulfilling your desire for “serotonin” and a sudden hunger attack.

7. Resolutions – Or improve your academic performance. Set yourself a realistic goal now, let your teacher and your friends, ask for support. You’ll make it!

8. Summer Memories – Whether it’s a photo of the sea, it’s just a thought does not count.But do not use them to get caught by melancholy, but as a stimulus. June is not that far away! More tips visit

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