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10 countries where you can get free higher education

Are you planning to travel abroad in search of new study opportunities? Learn about the 10 countries where you will get free higher education. We are at the doors of a new academic year, and students from all over the world are moving towards different educational proposals. In that sense, the possibility of starting a career abroad is an excellent alternative, especially if we remember that in many countries university education is free.

There are many reasons to be tempted to try your luck in another country: the high university fees of private universities, the very expensive admission exams that prevent the direct access of hundreds of students, and of course, the discovery of a different culture with its customs and traditions.

10 Countries Where you will get free higher education

free higher education

Some may be asking how you can live far from your family? I think everything happens as a matter of will. We must be mentally and emotionally prepared for the decisions we make. It is true that distance is a topic to consider, but it can also be the starting point to promote our desires and purposes.

Being away from the people we love can be the motivational source to do things with greater effort and dedication, remembering that there are opportunities that represent a sacrifice. So everything depends on how we see things.

What I’m trying to say is that we should never reduce our aspirations. I am convinced that obstacles and limitations are made to test our enormous imaginative capacity and to solve situations with creativity.

Having made this brief reflection, I would like to share a detailed list of the 10 countries where university education is free, that is, 10 opportunities to write a new passage of our personal history.

#1. Study For Free In Argentina


Unlike other countries in the world, in Argentina, all public universities are free, including the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), which according to QS World University Rankings 2015 is ranked as the best university in South America.

What do I need to study? Foreign students who have completed secondary school can attend any public university after validating their studies in the country, in addition to processing temporary residency.

#2. Study For Free In Uruguay


In Uruguay, the situation is a bit different. Only the University of the Republic is completely free. This public institution is considered the second most important university in the country.

What do I need to study? International students must meet a series of residency requirements in the country of three years or failing that, live with the immediate family nucleus in Uruguay.

#3. Study For Free In Mexico


There are many reasons to be tempted to study at public universities in Mexico. In principle, the National Autonomous University of Mexico is considered the best university in the country. It is also followed by the University of Guadalajara, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and the National Pedagogical University.

What do I need to study? International students must correctly comply with immigration requirements, as well as other agreements required by each school.

#4. Study For Free In Germany


Public universities in Germany have become free for a couple of years. It is important to clarify that there are some administrative tax payments of 240 euros that must be made every semester. Among the most renowned universities in the country include the University of Bremen, University of Osnabrück and University of Ruth of Bochum.

What do I need to study? In addition to language proficiency, foreign students must prove that they are qualified to start a professional career (requirements vary by the university).

#5. Study For Free In Denmark


Danish universities are among the most prestigious institutions in the world because of their high level of demand. Despite this, free higher education is only allowed to citizens of the European Union.

What do I need to study? Be a citizen of the European Union. Students from other countries must cover tuition costs and advanced proficiency in the accredited language.

# 6 Study For Free In Sweden


50 of the higher education institutions in Sweden are free in full, including the possibility of accepting foreign students in their annual programs.

What do I need to study? The free is available to citizens of the European Union. Students from other countries must pay for tuition and demonstrate English proficiency (you must also take a final exam for immigrants).

# 7 Study For Free In Finland


Finland has become known in recent years for the high level of competitiveness and quality of its universities. All the study houses are free, but we must clarify that they are very select with the students that you want to enter.

What do I need to study? Foreign students must accredit language proficiency, as well as sufficient resources to stay in the country.

# 8 Study For Free In Norway


In Norway, the situation is more encouraging: all its public universities are free in equal condition for citizens of the country as foreigners. The most prestigious institutions include the University of Oslo, the University of Bergen, and the University of Nordland.

What do I need to study? Vacancies for non-European students are very limited in some institutions. Mastery of the language and residence must be accredited.

# 9. Study For Free In Greece


Greece is the country that offers higher education in its entirety, both to finance the career of its students and the required materials (books, technology, transportation). The most recognized universities in the country are the Aristotle University of Salonica and the Ioana University.

What do I need to study? Foreign students can participate who meet basic requirements such as temporary residence and Greek language proficiency.

# 10. Study For Free In Austria


And finally, there is the Austrian country that after many mobilizations on the part of the students, the universal free education of higher education was achieved. Emphasizes the University of Vienna as the most important study house in the country.

What do I need to study? Foreign students must go through an admission process before starting the academic year at the university.

I am sure that after reading this post many students will be curious to look for more information. This is precisely the goal that we pursue: to awaken interest so that young people from all over take the initiative to investigate and dare to explore other offers of study. Now everything depends on you!

Well, are you thinking of traveling to one of these 10 countries where anyone can get free higher education?