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10 countries where you can get free higher education

Are you planning to travel abroad in search of new study opportunities? Learn about the 10 countries where you will get free higher education. We are at the doors of a new academic year, and students from all over the…

Formal education has an outdated methodology

Nicolas Nemirovsky is a university professor and one of the founders of Punto Techies. It is an enterprise that offers courses in formal education and technological knowledge for children from 6 to 16 years old. They seek, through different workshops,…

How can students health care to be improved?

In the run-up to the 2017 presidential and legislative elections, emeVia’s network of student mutual publishes a White Paper designed to challenge parties and their candidates on the issues of student health. 17 proposals centered around three main axes: access…

How to acquire new skills without breaking the bank

Back to school If you are an adult student, school authorities, clubs and societies offer adult learning opportunities at several local schools and colleges.

Why do so many outstanding students end up in recovery classes?

High school students work hard to achieve their dream of coming to college only to be finally in recovery classes because high school did not prepare them properly.

What are the origins of family pressure?

If some parents let their child live their life in school, others are far too much on the back of their offspring, to push them to succeed.