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Month: February 2017

Common Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your College Major

Choosing your college major isn’t as easy as it looks. You might not know what career field you want to be in, or there simply may not be a major that’s tailored to your goals. Since your major can have…

4 Reasons Why Online Course Enrollment Is a Smart Career Move

Many people think their careers are among the most important aspects of their lives. If you can relate, perhaps you’ve been considering the best ways to advance your career opportunities and network with others. There are numerous reasons why enrolling…

Why do so many outstanding students end up in recovery classes?

High school students work hard to achieve their dream of coming to college only to be finally in recovery classes because high school did not prepare them properly.

5 College Clothes Shopping Tips

Dorm life doesn’t provide you with a lot of closet space. You barely have enough room for the essentials like a desk, a chair, and a bed. So when you’re shopping for college clothing it makes sense to stick with…

14 of the Best High Schools in the Bay Area for Latino Students

Great Schools praises these 14 Bay Area exceptional schools and applauds students, teachers, administrators, employees, and dedicated parents who work together to make these schools so successful.

Lesson Plans for Middle School on the Five Themes of Geography

In 1984, the National Council for Geographic Education and the Association of American Geographers created five themes that will be used in the study of geography: location, location, region, movement and human interaction.

This is to be considered around the bachelor’s degree

Suddenly it is there: the last semester of study. Just one was still one of the, now the conclusion is shortly before. The focus now is on the Bachelor thesis. But what if the certificate is not yet available at…

Agile methods lead to e-learning success

When learning, it is a sales talk. To be successful, only one person is needed. It is the learner, the user. This person has the power to decide what will be successful.

The disadvantages of not having basic computer skills

Some of the older members of the workforce went through school and the central part of their lives without the use of computers. Many companies, however, use computers for various aspects of the business, including correspondence, billing, and inventory.

The core competency test samples

The No Child Left Behind Act adopted by the federal government in 2002 was designed to bridge the gap between high and low pupils from Kindergarten to Grade 12.