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MBA programs

Are the MBA programs being replaced by other postgraduate programs?

Just a few years ago MBA programs were positioned as the ideal training for executives, but now their prestige is questioned.

  • Those who are dedicated to the business world need to have the training to be able to develop in the market.
  • Interested in the world of business, universities and entrepreneurs must stay updated regarding the training of the area.
  • The advantage of the MBA compared to other studies is now questioned.

Now more than ever, the business world requires specialized training. The companies compete to expand into more markets, workers must adapt to new ways of working, authorities companies must be able to develop their leadership skills, and all this, watching the latest technological trends. Continue reading: 4 ways to improve your learning agility

MBA programs and postgraduate programs

MBA programs

In contemporary society, it is not enough to open a business or start a business. Doing so implies a wide variety of risks, so it is necessary to start this process thoroughly.

Only a few years ago the ideal training for this type of professionals and entrepreneurs was the MBA or Master in Business Administration, a type of intensive study in which students learn about the challenges of having and managing a company and prepare to do so by looking the success. However, in a world as changing as the current one, this training begins to seem obsolete.

Why is the training offered in the MBA programs questioned in the current context?

  • Because it does not contemplate new ways of doing business.
  • Because it does not adapt to the characteristics of the new collaborative economy.
  • Because it does not contemplate the latest technological trends.
  • Because it is considered too traditional and obsolete.
  • Because current companies do not have a single and firm model but are characterized precisely by flexibility and constant change.
  • Because there are dozens of schools that offer short and more specialized courses that bring more value to current executives.

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The new alternative

MBA programs

Some of the largest universities in the world, especially those in the United States and the United Kingdom. It has begun to replace their MBA programs with other studies.

The business schools of the current world contemplate another type of knowledge, especially those related to data analysis and artificial intelligence as the most innovative demands that the market requests from executives. The idea of these programs at present is to train executives trained for work in the digital environment.

In order for this model to continue,

A total renovation of its study program is necessary and it allows the passage of general and abstract knowledge to those that are most real and close to the current business world. Otherwise, these will disappear completely at the hands of other more specialized studies. Check also: