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How to write an introduction for a research assignment

The introduction to a research work can enhance or ruin your work. The first words represent the quality. The introduction should draw the attention of the reader and clearly indicate the theme that will be studied. You will have to present your research, the subject, introduce the objectives and the methodology used as well as the results and conclusions. Discover through this article of tips on how to write an introduction for a research job.

assignmentDo research on the theme. Make sure that another author has not already done what you are going to study. Search and select articles or books that speak to your specific theme. Avoid generic or independent. You should also take into account the fact that Wikipedia is not a good source for a research job.

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At the time of writing the introduction for a search, it is recommended to make a diagram of the content of the work before writing the different parts. Therefore, this should be one of the first steps. This diagram should not be detailed but should be a rough guide. This will help you organize your sources and deepen the introductory paragraph.

assignmentWrite the subject of the research work and place it in the appropriate context. It must be one or more detailed sentences, a record of what you are trying to discuss in your research. Use a clear and active voice, because you will need to grab the reader’s attention and encourage him to read the whole thesis.

You should also state briefly the purpose or purpose of the research, which prompted you to choose this topic and what you hope to obtain from this research. There is no need to go too far because you can later devote a paragraph on the general and specific objectives of the research.

assignmentIndicate also the research methodology used to carry out the project. In the same way, as for the objectives, it will be necessary to note the methodology chosen that you will then deepen.

Although this seems contradictory, you will have to mention the main results of the research in the introduction. You should not reserve them exclusively at the end of the project, as it is likely that you lose readers along the way. This is not a thriller in which you must keep the mystery. You should outline the results in order to arouse the interest of the reader.

assignmentIn the same way, in writing the introduction to a research, you will have to express the conclusion or the main conclusions suggested by the results. So the reader will know exactly what he is about to read. You must give him reasons and reasons so that he spends the time needed to dive into the research and not give up as soon as the introduction.

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  • Good research papers are rarely written at the last minute. Take your time to research, write notes and prepare your plan.
  • Take time to correct.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from your tutor or teacher.