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encourage creativity in a child
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How to Encourage Creativity in a Child

Encourage creativity in a child is essential for their integral development. Creativity is key if we want independent children in their thinking. Children who can assimilate well the situations they live, who know the reason, who are sensitive to the environment and who want to explore the world around them. All this will help them get original solutions to everyday problems and to know themselves.

Fostering creativity in the little ones of the house will help them have greater adaptability to new situations. And it makes them happier. It allows children to show a better attitude to new situations and feel less frustrated about a change.

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Children develop many of the abilities that will mark their future in their first six years of life. Among these capabilities is to create. Although all children are creative, there are ways to stimulate this ability to remain and strengthen.

encourage creativity in a child

How to encourage creativity in a child

Create an inspiring space: Place a mural or slate at home where you can paint freely or put at your disposal all the materials to play. Then let your imagination fly.

Respect the time for the game: Not the loads of extracurricular activities, they are children, and they have to have free time to play and recreate.

Leave him free in his games: Children like to skip the rules and play their way. Do not set limits or set rules, let them reinvent and change the game as they wish.

Do not laugh at their ideas: They may be funny and somewhat crazy, do not make fun of their beliefs, dances, songs, stories … Children must perceive that what they have done or said has value.

Activities to develop creativity in children

A good option to build creativity in children is with games and activities so they learn to find different solutions for the same problem.

Reading and telling stories: Stories entertain and entertain children, but also enhance their creative capacity and imagination. You can play with them to invent end stories or create new ones.

Make visits to museums and exhibitions: Visiting a museum, or an exhibition can be an adventure for children. Invite them to give their vision of an object or picture.

Interpret figures: You can lie on the grass of a park or in a hammock on the roof and play to interpret data with clouds and stars.

Group games: A good exercise is to create a group story. A person tells a story, and the others continue adding their contribution to the fly and building it initially. This game enhances the imagination, creativity, and socialization of children.

Errors that make us end creativity

When we talk about creativity in education, we usually make mistakes that undermine the child’s creative ability.

Let’s look at the most common mistakes:

Punishment of their creative acts. There are many occasions when we punish or blame the creative acts of children. When we send them a drawing, and it escapes what we want. For example, if the boy or girl colors the sun green. In those cases, we ask them to color it properly yellow. Without realizing it, we are killing the creativity of the boy or the girl.

When we give them too many instructions on how they should do something, it is well to guide them a little but leaving a place for creation, for improvisation on their part. When we ask them to copy or imitate models. Using a model can serve as a guide, but asking them to copy it literally means ending it.