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How to change schools

Concluded the middle school cycle, it opens in front of the student with a whole new world, where you have to choose a high school among the many that exist. Despite the orientation, counseling by adults and a careful evaluation, the reality is different from what was expected, and some boys realize they were wrong school and wanting to move elsewhere. 

It is difficult to realize before what you will do in high school, load studies, the difficulty of technical subjects, scientific or purely humanistic, and until it is palpable is not easy to be clear. Therefore, after the first few weeks, some students decide to change schools and move to another school, where they think they are better and study materials for which are more likely. We see then in this post as we must do to change schools and above all make sure you have made the right choice! How to change school and then enroll in another?

change schools
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Change schools is an important step, as this depends our future. Then we do not think to change the school just because there is some companion with whom we like a teacher: we will find not get along or not a person in any other institution that we do not like! We must learn to adapt and deal with problems without running away … This is the first step to becoming an adult and responsible. Let’s not forget the burden of studies, higher than that of the middle school: it is normal to have some difficulty, so the thing to do is think about whether, despite the fatigue, what we are doing we really like. 


If, after thinking for a long time we came to the conclusion that we definitely want to change schools, then we can proceed in this way:

1. We communicate the decision to our parents. Many parents may interpret this decision as a whim, so it’s important to make a good speech and seriously explain our motivations.

2. Proceed with the request for change of school. We must first ask for authorization to present Dean of the school, filling out a written request explaining in detail all the reasons.

⇒ Warning: the request must be made by 15 March, otherwise you risk losing a year.

After consultation with the Class Council, the Dean issues an authorization, but it is also possible that he decides to deny it: in this case we must resort to the TAR.

Next, we present the transfer request to the school where you intend to move, explaining the reasons for the decision. The sending school will send all the necessary documentation.

3. Change school of study. If you want to change schools while remaining in the same field of study, for example, from a scientific high school to another, simply present the clearance and the transfer application. However, if their subject is different, the boy will have to support a small entrance examination: of course, this does not apply if the transfer is made during the first weeks of school, a time when even school programs are not completely initiated.

4. Changing school in the years following the first. It can happen that a student is aware of wanting to change schools during the years following the first superior. In this case, the bureaucratic procedure is the same, but the entrance examination is more complicated.  To know more visit

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