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How to change class

If you’re thinking of changing class definitely have enough serious reasons school: perhaps you feel comfortable with their classmates, perhaps the prof are not what you always hoped, or is there a teacher who took you It targeted and makes your life impossible. In any case, this is an important choice, because change means starting section to make room among new people, try to integrate and make a good impression on new teachers. Clearly, to change the class must follow some basic steps and it is said that the request is always welcomed: so let’s see how to do and what constitutes adequate justification!

change class
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The principal of your school will not accept your application if not the motivation that drives you to want to change the section considered valid: thus, the reason must be serious and above all you will need to have the support of your parents. So, skirmishes with the classmate or whims on the votes we can not consider them sufficient reasons: rather, serious problems of integration will be considered valid with the rest of the class, bullying, serious problems with a teacher and so on. 


Before making this big step make sure you really want it: it is a momentary whim? Are you afraid to repent? Currency well everything in detail, because otherwise you’ll find yourself wanting to change it again, and maybe this time your request will not be accepted. Also, consider a few factors:

  • The class programs: Be sure to have arrived at the same point and having dealt with more or less the same arguments, otherwise you will need to recover what you’ve done.
  • Classmates and teacher: there is someone you just do not get along in the new class?How are the teachers? Get information!
  • The class is full? If you’ve taken a class but this has reached the maximum of admitted students, you will not be entered, and probably you will be redirected to another section. 


Well, you’ve been thinking, you evaluated the alternatives and have finally decided: do you want to change your class! How to do? First you will need cheered support your parents, who will have to talk to the Headmaster and explain all the reasons. Next, you will need to submit a written application to the Secretariat of your school: your request will be evaluated by the Headmaster, who will decide whether to accept your application or not.

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