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How to dress for the first day of high school: 5 Mistakes to avoid

In September you will start high school and you’re thinking about how to deal with the first day of school? Look in the closet looking for the right clothes to wear, but you still have not understood what to wear? The outfit you choose is definitely important to make a good impression on both his peers and professors. A good initial move can refer to the institute Regulation to understand what are the outfits banned from school (in public institutions still exists a certain dress code) for  immediately. However, following the common sense and our advice, you will not have problems: just avoid the following 5 mistakes!

How to dress
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Addressing the first day of high school is easier than it sounds as well as choose the right clothing. The basic principles are to wear clothing in which you feel at ease and introduce clean and cared for. That said, we see 5 mistakes to avoid in the look:

  1. No to the beach look. It is true that in September will probably always hot, but the time to go to the beach is unfortunately over. Avoid tank tops, shorts and bermuda shorts, shorts and open-toed shoes dresses (obviously banned flip flops). Opts for jeans or light pants, a t-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes or otherwise closed. The sunglasses are right out of you walk through the classroom door.
  2. No to necklines and dresses too skimpy. For girls it is better to avoid plunging necklines or dresses, skirts and tops too skimpy and short: better a more understated look that does not give too much attention to impress on prof. The boys, however, should not start declining jeans that put in plain sight underpants or hold hats on his head once in class.
  3. No ostentation. Evita, as a matter of good taste, to choose leaders with brands ahead to let them know what the whole school is your standard of living (or presumed) or choose accessories too gaudy or gold jewelry with precious stones. the school is not a walkway and you’re not going to a fashion show.
  4. No to the heavy makeup or beard. The trick helps many girls to feel pretty and at ease, so there is no problem to show up at school rigged. However, do not overdo it: better to avoid dark smokey eyes, bright lipstick and in general a make-up too much load. A past of powder and blush, a nude eye shadow, a bit ‘of mascara and a clear gloss on the lips are the most suitable solution! As for the boys, however, the fashion of the long beard depopulated for several years: a lot of girls like you and then be sorry to get rid of it, but it’s best to shave or do not show up with a beard at the Santa!
  5. No to tattoos and piercings in sight. If you have a lot of tattoos and piercings in visible areas (arms or face) tries to cover them (in the first case) or to remove them. I know that in 2016 may seem a hypocritical thing, but on the first day of school is a bit ‘like a job interview: the impression counts and many professors might not like the sight of too many piercings and tattoos.

In general, avoid the “too much” and go on a classic look, or at least sober. This does not mean giving up your personality in dress: you can always add a touch of flair and personal to your outfit!

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