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5 creative ways to give your children the motivation to go back to school

By stimulating excitement in a fun and creative way, parents can easily help their children rejoice at the start of the new school year.

back to school1. Create a good atmosphere for the return to school

As with all celebrations, a well-prepared environment helps to create the atmosphere that will make your child feel that the start of the school year is fast approaching.

  • Decorate your child’s room with ideas pertaining to the school universe, including a collage of the best moments of the school with, for example, a snapshot of a player played at school, a Home with an excellent rating or last year’s class picture.
  • Be creative. Extend this ambiance to the kitchen with cookies shaped as if books served on beautiful meal trays.

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back to school2. Make the children feel the spirit of the school everywhere

Take your kids with you to shop for new school supplies, bags or shoes.

  • Shopping malls generally set up colorful school-themed decorations and posters, while shops store their shop windows with cheerful patterns and colors while filling their shelves with brand new items for the new school year.

back to school3. Allow children to choose their own school supplies

Leaving children to decide what they want to buy reinforces their motivation to integrate this school spirit because they will use things they really love, not just, what their parents think is appropriate.

  • Keep in mind that it does not necessarily have to be new and you do not have to blow your budget to buy that enthusiasm from your child.

back to school4. Involve children in preparing meals upon returning from school

Your province may have its own school feeding program to meet the physical and mental demands of schoolchildren, but there is still room for home-prepared food, important motivating factor.

  • Create an amusing list of school meals (or after school) with your child; personalize meals by giving them fun new names such as “Biscuits of the Great Monday for Little Annie” or “The Best Buttered Tar tine in the World”.
  • Go shopping together in a grocery store for these school snacks.

back to school5. Make reading trend new and trendy

Make sure your children look forward to re-opening their textbooks by regularly bringing them to reading rooms in the weeks before the start of the school year.

  • There are libraries, bookstores and reading clubs that offer hours of reading and story-telling for children.
  • Choose the structures that offer an entertaining and friendly atmosphere.
  • Also, invite your friends or classmates.