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6 memorization techniques to develop your memory

If you want to learn to memorize better the different information that you have to study and remember, we present 6 memorization techniques.

To make the task of learning simpler and more interesting, there are several memorization techniques that can be used. Here are some tips from the assistant of the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto, Ryan Howes, to learn how to memorize. Take note!

  1. Connect

    memorization techniques
    memorization techniques

This memorization technique involves the creation of associations between the elements of a list and the allocation of images to each connection to help you better memorize.

  1. Create a story

While creating images for each element, using the link method, you combine everything into a great story. This technique helps to memorize the sequence of the images and therefore the order of the elements.

  1. Associate objects to known places

This method of memorization consists of the association of terms or elements of the list with known places. In addition, it can become something more sensory incorporating sounds, smells, flavors or whatever is necessary to obtain the best results.

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  1. Associate words to a number and thus remember ordered objects

This system is useful for memorizing lists of words in a particular order. This method can be carried out through two steps. The first step requires memorizing words that are easy to associate with numbers, using words that rhyme with the number of shapes that resemble the series. Once this list is memorized, the second step is to associate the words to the list of objects that we really need to memorize.

  1. Draw a mental map

    memorization techniques
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This method is used for the memorization of concepts or any structured information. The mind maps work when a structure must be maintained while allowing make the flow of information clearer.

  1. The Roman room technique

This technique can improve a person’s memory and when practiced fluently, the memorization process becomes natural.

The Roman room is a technique that can be applied to memorize a list of words or any information where it is not possible to create visual representations of abstract words.

It consists of bringing to mind a room that is very familiar. Upon entering the room, the corner above the left shoulder is number 1 and then the other walls will be the successive numbers, always with movements in a clockwise direction, around the room. The following numbers will be the floor and the ceiling. It is important that these listed places automatically become identifiable objects, which symbolically represent the information that you want to remember.

As these memorization techniques are used more frequently, the process becomes more and more natural and more and more rooms can be incorporated. By connecting the rooms, in a memorable order, you can expand the amount of information remembered and sequentially.