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How to organize to revise

For many students returning to school and to the routine after a holiday is a whole world. Having to cope again with the stress of exams can be traumatic for many of them, but be aware that to improve performance and decrease this stress, it is necessary to organize, we give you some tips and tips on how to organize to

You will need:

A sheet of paper

A ruler

A pencil


The use of school time

It is necessary to organize all the subjects. Make a list and try to classify the subjects by difficulty: low, medium or high. You will see that most are in the medium difficulty category, while those that you find easy are those that are in low difficulty and difficult in high difficulty. Focus on these, you will have to devote the double of their work.

Choose a daily study time for each subject. It is said that both in high school and in university, the study plans are created so that the pupil devotes eight hours to it every day, as if it were a work, counting The hours of class. Try to devote 15 to 30 minutes daily for low difficulty subjects, 30 to 45 minutes for medium difficulty subjects and 45 to 60 minutes for high difficulty

You do not have to study everything every day, it is not necessary, but you have to spend time revising the subjects seen during the day and preparing those that you will see the next day.

Make your own schedule to meet your needs: extra-curricular activities, time with friends, class schedules, etc. It is very useful to organize all the hours of the day, devoting time to leisure activities and basic needs: one hour for breakfast, one hour for lunch, another for dinner and eight hours for sleeping.

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At the same time, it is very useful to have a monthly calendar to see, all at once, all the activities you have in the month, as well as exams as well as your leisure activities such as birthdays, matches, trips, etc. On the picture you can see an example of a monthly organizer, which will help you adjust your work schedules when you have other activities, devoting more hours of study than normal to subjects when an exam approaches for example.

It is important not to abandon your daily working hours when there are exams or when an important moment comes because it will be very complicated to hold you there again. Try to complete about two hours of daily study plus the quick revision of the day’s and the next day’s

Each person is different and has specific facilities and difficulties. Realize the time by being sincere with yourself and try to find the method of study that best suits you: study morning, afternoon or night, take breaks every 15 Minutes, half-hour or every hour, etc. We all have our method, try to find out yours. If you would like to see other related products, try our newest section.


Do not despair, if you manage to follow the hours of study, your notes will increase and you will see how you will have time for everything.

Concentrate in class and take notes, you will see how this reduces study time at home.

Be organized and write down the assignments and tasks to be done so as not to forget to do them.