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10 tips to improve the study method

Studying can be hard. Especially in summer, when the distractions are countless. But you have to overcome obstacles and reach an effort to make up time (and votes) lost. But with the right techniques, the hours devoted to the study can be optimized to achieve much more than satisfactory results: in short, to study for less time but with higher yield. The Manabu experts give you ten tips to make the most of your synapses.

study method1. Take notes

Rework is the key: just read may not be enough to secure the information in a book. Better to take a pen and paper and rewrite in the form of the main concepts synthetic sentences.

2. Use the arrows

Unleash the artist in you with diagrams and concept maps. Represent graphically what the textbooks are written in text form is of great help. The key issue is to relate the various news and information through links and arrows.

3. Talk time

Your logorrhea can come in handy: talk a lot, repeat what you have just read, explain verbally and even teach in your turn to someone what you learn. Verbalization of information helps to store and to fix in the mind.

study method4. Make breaks

Even the most brilliant minds and productive after a while ‘time must detach. And ‘scientifically it is proven that our brain loses focus after less than an hour. Organize your sessions spacing out every moment of study (40-50 minutes) with periodic breaks (5 minutes).

5. Create a schedule

Organize what you have to study creating a foolproof plan of attack. Make a timeline in which to insert for each day the hours that you can dedicate to study and what topics to study. But do not be too hard: also enter the recovery times when possibly return to topics you have not had time to consider

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6. Markers Passion

OR colored pencils or pens of different types. Do not be afraid to “smear” the books: catalogs the information according to priority or type, so as to have already walked through those pages during the review.

study method7. Escape doubt

Sometimes it is not a matter of not being able to study but had not fully understood what we are reading and our brains, therefore, does not stock. Check that you understand everything that you are in front of the eyes: Use a dictionary for difficult terms, Wikipedia for unclear information, or ask someone to the expert for all doubt.

8. Get a friend

Studying in the company is not a good idea in general: often you lose time, you talk too much, we digress. But if you select a friend (maximum of two) on which you know you can rely and with whom you have great harmony, you could form an efficient team.

9. Program the review

Studying is only the first part of the work, then you have to go over! And this is a crucial moment. Do not think you get to the last page, the last possible day. Program a few days before the exam refresher, organizing topics and repeating them gradually, gradually omitting those of which you are now safe.

study method10. Sleep

It seems strange but you have to study well … sleep. And too much! Presented to the review sessions always rested, you also do the afternoon naps if needed. And especially the day before the exam should not return until late at night. Rather, sleep it out.