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How the Internet is revolutionizing our way of learning

You probably came across Google here. You probably entered a keyword that is relevant to this article in the search line, and you’ve probably gone through the results up to page 3, and have opened all pages that appear at first glance in a new tab. It is also possible that you have a social network or another website that deals with the subject of e-learning through a link. Be that as it may. Welcome to our blog and in the age of simplification, in which the distance to knowledge is measured in mouse click! However, you should not be so comfortable.

The criticism of learning on the Internet Internet learning

In his book “What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brain”, the US-American author Nicholas Carr says that he feels less on the Internet than “a driver” rather than a “surfer”, who only slides over the headings and paragraphs. The German psychiatrist Manfred Spitzer puts on a proper shudder by making online media responsible for the so-called “digital dementia.

The Internet is changing our way of learning. As McLuhan already said, “The medium is the message.” And indeed, one can accuse the Internet a lot. It needs a restless multitasking because often several contents are on the screen at once. One is quickly distracted. And compared to book and magazine publishers, radio and TV stations, there is a certain gatekeeper function missing. Information flows uncontrolled into the web, where every receiver and transmitter is.

So, that the smartphone is not smarter than its user, media competency is required. Internet and web technologies are not in themselves, and their use requires only a few efforts. Taking these things is important because we do not get around to learning with online media today. For four reasons.

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In the Internet age, we learn differently than beforeInternet learning

1. A lifetime

Anyone who confirms his knowledge or his decision with a source that is only a few years old often receives a critical demand from the listeners. It is no longer enough to rest on the knowledge of education or study, with the conclusion of X years ago, waving. Even if certain basics remain, in almost every area, graduates must start learning again when they enter the working world. Hans does not learn what Hans does not learn, per today’s motto. Without the Internet, employee training would hardly be imaginable.

olderInternet learning

2. Beyond our own horizons

The joke to thank Wikipedia in the preface for the help is, if one is honest, not really always meant as a dude. However, even complex questions that go beyond the box, simple answers are out of the question – even if the company often lacks time for long research and reading. The World Economic Forum, which met in Davos this year, concludes in its study that the following skill will be the most important among the employees in 2020: solving complex problems. And in almost all professional groups, too, high above critical thinking. With googling, instead of thinking, this goal is not to be achieved, especially since interdisciplinary working methods will be the rule rather than the exception (in many areas they are already). Here, e-learning solutions are needed that use the Internet in a clever way.

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HorizonInternet learning

3. With more flexibility

To be able to learn continuously, the classical educational institutions are not sufficient. New and flexible forms of training, which allow employers to take care despite the additional learning time, must meet both their company and family obligations. Mobile learning, probably the most important e-learning trend of the present, simplifies access to education. Because by using smartphones, tablets and notebooks can be learned at any time and at any place. Waiting times caused by commuting can be bridged meaningfully.

MobileInternet learning

4. And with fun

Adults see playing as a shallow leisure activity, as a pastime. Children, on the other hand, play with seriousness – even though they enjoy it. Playing helps you to become familiar with new things and to perfect them. And not just them! The success of Game Based Learning, one of the most underrated e-learning solutions, does not make any difference between the old and the young. Finally, the fun of learning can lead to our motivation and motivation. Regarding point 1 and point 2 enormously important.

PlayInternet learning

Michael Pauen from the Humboldt-Universität Berlin, therefore, does not consider much of a general criticism of learning on the Internet. He thinks we just choose another form of knowledge. And this principle would have always followed: “Use or forget.”

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A question to the endInternet learning

We live in an age of reproduction. We have never experienced the most of our personal world-view with our own eyes, more precisely with our own eyes, but not on the spot; We are televisions, listeners, telecaster.

This quote could be from today. In fact, it dates from 1954, from the novel “Stiller” by Max Frisch. What is accused of the “new” information culture is thus nothing new.

As you can see, media evolution cannot be stopped but steered in the right direction. Instead of a conclusion, this time it is more a matter of asking: how can one profit from the inexhaustible information spool of the World Wide Web without neglecting a profound discussion with the learned?