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Online Learning Disadvantages Everybody Should Know

Online Learning Disadvantages Everybody Should Know

Implementing modern technologies, Internet and distance learning opens up new opportunities for continuing education, obtaining more knowledge and practicing new skills makes education more accessible. At the same time the need for basic education develops the potential of online courses. With ever-evolving Internet technologies gave rise to new opportunities for distance learning.

Online Learning Disadvantages Everyday Should Know
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There is a huge number of online learning programs and wide range of distance learning colleges in the world. In recent years the popularity of distance education has increased dramatically. This educational form is the most flexible, accessible and affordable for all social groups. But it is important to know about the disadvantages of this type of learning before making a choice.

  1. The first and the most obvious disadvantage is that you depend greatly on the communication infrastructure (mail, transport and so on) and electricity. It affects on the distance learning efficiency. For example, there is something wrong with electric power supply or there is no Internet connection, so you can’t get new mails or connect to your online educator. You will have to continue your learning process all alone and will have to wait until everything is alright. Also some online courses require CD or DVD multimedia player, so you should have all necessary technical equipment. So think carefully, whether you are ready to overcome such challenges or not. Be ready that dealing with unfamiliar learning devices can make you feel stressed. You can’t even turn for help to custom essay company unless you go to a local library.
  2. The first disadvantage raises the second one – you have to be self-motivated all the time. Due to the absence of planned schedule you have to plan your day and provide enough time for online learning. In other words, you haveto be more disciplined to succeed in online learning. You are to perform all the tasks on time, though your educator won’t seat in front of you. Perhaps, there will be deadlines for some assignments and “fixed-time” tests to be taken. Think carefully, whether you can be mature motivated learner who won’t squander time.
  3. You will not have an opportunity to practice verbal interaction a lot, if it becomes necessary to. There will be visual classrooms, but still, you will be precluded from working on oral communication skills with instructors and other students.
  4. Be ready that you will be isolated from real-life communication. Virtual classroom supposes that everybody will have equal rights to express their thoughts and gender, age won’t matter. But everybody knows that it is so easy to feel lonely or uncomfortable in an overcrowded room. To avoid this, try to participate in online group discussions, send email to your classmates. Also there will be an option of face-to-face contact with the help of web cam.
  5. Not all courses are available through the distance learning. You can’t learn subjects such as Medicine or Engineering as they require practical classes, experiments etc. Definitely, you can’t conduct medical experiment over the Internet. So, distance learning is not ‘one-stop solution.’
  6. Sometimes certain employers do not value online courses and do not take it seriously. It makes no difference to a specific employer how good your online learning college is. Attending college or university in real world is more highly-prized by employers. Definitely, online courses and certificatesfrom the world’s famous and outstanding universities (like Oxford, Stanford, and Yale) mean a lot. But you have to be sure that your potential employer will acknowledge your achievements in virtual classroom.
  7. Not all online courses are be accredited.There is risk for you to get invalid degree and mythical certificate if your distance learning program was not accredited. Before you enroll in online school, ask chosen distance learning course whether it is a recognized institution.

Whether to choose online course or not, it is up to you to decide. But do not forget that your education is your investment in successful career.