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Find the most appropriate guitar for beginners

Help your child develop better concentration, do well in school and encourage to take guitar lessons. Get your child interested and find the most appropriate guitar for beginners at Guitar Center.

Go for high quality guitars, with good sound, and durability. Opt for a brand you are familiar with and feel good purchasing. For metal lovers Dean is great, Epiphone is budget-friendly and top rated guitar, and the most recognized is Fender.

You can choose from electric or acoustic guitars.

For beginners, go for an electric guitar since they are easier to play and have lighter strings. Be aware that they don’t come with an amplifier and aren’t good for children with smaller hands.

Go for a Epiphone Ltd Ed Special-I electric guitar, your child will experience amazing sound and want to play often. Whether your child prefers to keep it standard or try a B string, be sure that an Epiphone will keep up for a while.

Make it easier for your child and get a Bullet Stratocaster SSS Electric guitar. It is very practical and affordable. Ideal for beginning level students, no matter the style of music they want to learn.

Bring the sound alive with a Dean MLX electric guitar. Popular among rock’s top players and featured on many award winning videos; and rock’s finest recording. Great looking guitar for your child to play to Metallica.

For a versatile, with a complete package that comes with a practice amp, go for an acoustic guitar.

The most suitable acoustic guitar for beginners is a Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. It will definitely help your child  project well throughout any room.

Your child is fully prepared to start playing guitar with a Mitchell MD100PK Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar pack. Comes with an instructional DVD for easier learning and experimenting with new sounds.

Help your child experience sound at its best and get a Fender CD-140S All Mahogany Acoustic guitar. Priced at an affordable price, with phenomenal tone and easy to play.

Now that you got your child anxious to take guitar lessons, keep browsing  for new guitars at Guitar Center.

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