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This is to be considered around the bachelor’s degree

Suddenly it is there: the last semester of study. Just one was still one of the, now the conclusion is shortly before. The focus now is on the Bachelor thesis. But what if the certificate is not yet available at the Master’s application?

The final phase of your studies can be very stressful. Those who do not have time to work now can use the often interest-free student loans from. The end of the studies is faster for many students that are dear to them. Answers to important organizational questions regarding the completion phase.

What is financial support available? bachelor's degree

Those who meet the requirements can receive Befog by the end of the regular study period. In the Bachelor’s program, she usually has six semesters. The payment of the subsidy is made up to and including the month in which the total result of the study is announced.

A further possibility is the loan funds of the Student unworked, says Bernhard Bursal of the Student Union (DSW). Almost all student organizations offer this help in financial distresses. The amount of the loan depends on the individual requirements. Unlike the Befog, the graduate must pay back the entire amount later. Whether and to what extent interest is to be expected depends on the respective fund.

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When do, students get their testimony? bachelor's degree

At most universities, there is no fixed date for the certificate issue. “If all the necessary services are completed and evaluated, I have a claim that I am issued a certificate”, explains the Cologne attorney Philipp Vern Otte. The regulations regulate when the student must receive the certificate after the last performance. “Usually it is a few weeks,” says Vern Otte. Then the student should either collect the testimony himself, or it will be sent to him.

Is it possible to apply for the Master without a Bachelor’s degree? bachelor's degree

To apply for a Master, a Bachelor’s degree is generally required. The deadlines for the Master’s application depend on the university and the course of study. If there is no Bachelor’s certificate at the end of the application period, it is often possible to apply for a provisional certificate instead, said Evernote. Students can apply for this in the form of a list of achievements to the competent examination office.

If the student is admitted to a master’s degree, he/she will pass on the condition that he/she must prove the successful bachelor’s degree within a certain period.

How do I contact the university? bachelor's degree

At most universities, there are alumni organizations through which alumni can keep in touch with their alma mater. An alumni network is a kind of service network, explains Christian Kramberg from the association of alumni organizations in the German-speaking world. In addition to the opportunity to participate in science and research, the aim is also to establish or maintain contacts with other alumni, both regionally and internationally.

Even those who are still studying can benefit from the university alumni networks. Many alumni organizations offer students the opportunity through mentoring programs to get in contact with alumni who are now in their professional life.