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How to learn how to write on a computer

People who finished high school before 1990 did not receive formal education in computer science, and currently, computers are essential in almost all professions. For this reason, workers without prior training must learn to use the programs and perform basic tasks to learn from themselves. One of the most important bases of computers is the ability to write effectively, without having to look for each letter. The technography can be learned autonomously and self-taught, and thus increase the number of words written per minute. Besides gaining agility and therefore being more efficient in our daily tasks facing the computer.

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learnPut your hands on the center line of the computer’s keys so that the fingers of your left hand are above the letters Q, S, D, F and the fingers of your right hand above J, K, L, And M. The thumbs should rest on the space bar.

This is the correct position to write effectively; It allows the hands to reach all letters and other frequent use keys. The F and J keys each contain a dot in relief so that the center file can be found even without looking at the keyboard.

learnFamiliarize yourself with the keys you must reach with each finger. The key to writing quickly is to move the fingers that are on the centerline as little as possible. For example, it would be ineffective to press the “A” key with the right index finger, as the right hand should come from the centerline to perform this task. A slight movement of the left little finger can touch the A without disturbing the other fingers.

Memorize the location of each letter on the keyboard. For many people, it is easier to group the letters into left or right categories, but memorizing each of the three lines in a straight line can also be effective.

Use mnemonic rules (Mental Association Procedure to facilitate remembering something) such as making a sentence with letters in the order of the keys, to help you remember the location of each letter on the keyboard.

learnPractice knowing the location of the memory keys, covering the keyboard as you write. You can ask someone to hide the keyboard with an object so that you cannot see the keys or your hands, or you can also cover the keys with stickers (which you can then remove without problems).

Write several times the sentence: “The bat flew into the sky and disturbed all the insects that made noise and buzzed in the air.”. This phrase uses several letters of the alphabet and repeated practice, increases your affinity with the location of each key.

learnWriting this phrase repeatedly also helps to increase the speed. Less time will devote to thinking where the keys are, less time you will need to write.

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  • Do research at the library or sign up for an online course if you need help explanations or additional practice.
  • Be aware that you do not need to keep your fingers on the centerline keys when writing a series of numbers. Indeed, they are out of normal reach of the middle finger, in reality, you will lose more time to write the numbers from the position of the centerline.
  • Take a 10-minute break every hour to avoid tension in the wrist, which can lead to medical conditions such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.