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How to Become a Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate law is an area of diversified legal practice that contains many smaller areas of practice, such as landlord and tenant law, commercial real estate transactions and residential real estate transactions. If you are interested in becoming a real estate attorney, you can begin to focus your training and networking activities on practicing real estate while in law school.

lawApply to law school

Fieldwork to become a real estate attorney should be put in law school. To go to law school, you must first get your bachelor’s degree, create an account with the Law School Admission Council, take the Law School Admission Test and apply to law school.

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Register for property courses

You do not have major in a particular practice area while in law school, so you should take as many property courses as possible. All law schools offer a course called property, which will cover many aspects of real estate law, such as mortgages, deeds, easements, and covenants. Your law school will, most likely, also offer other real estate courses that choice that focus on the most particular aspects of real estate work.

lawJoin related rights groups of property while in law school

If your law school has a group that is dedicated to having property lawyers speak to law students or a legal magazine or journal that focuses on property law, join this group. Use these opportunities for networking and writing scientific articles.

Join the real estate of the local bar association or property section

Each county has an association of lawyer’s bar and you can join the bar association for the county in which you practice or attend law school. Joining the bar association is a way to meet other lawyers and start networking. Sign up as a law student to start your network as soon as possible. Many bar associations provide reduced membership for law students. Also, consider joining your state bar association and the American Bar Association.

lawVolunteer with a company that manages real estate law after your first year of law school

Another way to network and display your ambition and work ethic is by volunteering with a law firm. By volunteering with a practice of real estate law, you will be able to learn some of the trade while showing other lawyers that you can handle the work and are reliable. This can be useful when looking for a post-law school job.

Apply for jobs with law firms practicing real estate law

 Start applying after your first year of law school and continue until you get a position. If you are offered a job as a summer associate at a law firm after your second year in law school, enjoy it in the hope that you will be offered a position after graduating. If you are not offered a position, continue applying until the end of your third year and then take a break to focus on the bar exam. Resume after the bar examination.