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tips for the ssat
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13 tips for the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test)

Studying a career depends not only on passing the college entrance exam but also on having the attitude and skills necessary for you to be a student of the right academic level. Being a professional is one of the greatest challenges in a person’s life since it marks the path by which they will go for a good time. There are many things that can help you prepare for the college admission exam. Some techniques can help some people more than others, so now I will talk about 13 tips for the SSAT for you to pass your admission exam.

To secure a place within the educational institution, you want to enter. The safest thing is that you have to face a selection process. Eventually, apply the college entrance exam. If you try to enroll in over one university, take an exam for every attempt you make.

Tips for the SSAT

tips for the ssat

For many applicants who try to enter and study at a higher level each year, the requirements for this selection process are getting harder and harder. Universities are asking more and more successes to be worthy of a place in their classrooms.

It is important that when you try to apply to enroll in a university. You take the precautions and actions to maximize your chances of entering the educational institution of your choice. And with good results, you could even apply for a scholarship. There are many tips for the SSAT to achieve it.

Let’s get started!

1. Start studying as soon as possible

An admissions exam for college contains dozens of questions based on many-core subjects of the upper-middle level. Considering that, sometimes, topics that were studied since the beginning of high school are addressed. It is likely that all of this knowledge is not entirely fresh in your mind.

It is necessary to have enough time to study and practice all the topics that may appear. Give a special space to the exact sciences since they are studied more by practicing than by reading.

You need to study as soon as you have registered to take your university admission exam or even from the moment you decide. Time does not stop, and as many other things in life, it is better than what is missing.

2. Find out about the content of the exam

It is useless to study for an exam if you do not know what they will ask you. Even if you could go back to studying everything you learned during your studies of upper secondary education. You would not have the same efficiency during the exam.

It is logical to think of an exam for the Faculty of Engineering. That will not be the same as that of the Bachelor of Law. The exam will be based on the career you want to study. It is the area of ​​your interest.

Depending on the race, you know that you will have to pay more attention to certain subjects, less to others, and maybe ignore more.

As a next step, you can take advantage of the study guides or agendas provided by some universities for their admission exams.

By knowing this information, you will have a clearer idea of ​​what you should study to be ready for your exam.

Finally, it also relies on the experience of other people. When talking with friends, acquaintances, or relatives who have already applied this exam, you will be ready not only for the issues that may arise but also know the type of problems or questions that you will see in the admission exam.

3. Organize your times effectively

We all have a life far beyond our academic obligations. Family, friends and sometimes work can absorb our time as we grow and engage more in society as active members

You must determine and have a specific time to prepare. Especially when you have already well defined the date on which you will take the exam.

Besides all this, it is important that you assign within your day, moments that you can devote to your studies. So, having these time periods set aside beforehand. It will not generate any setback or prevent you from fulfilling your other responsibilities.

Later it is also important to distribute the times to study the different sections or subjects that will be part of the exam. Only you know what type of topics are the ones that you need to dedicate more time to and to know exactly how much time you have available and how much you will use. You can take advantage of it better.


4. The study, memorize and review are different things

Human memory works in curious ways and, for life’s challenges that need it. As with an admission exam for university. It is an excellent idea to take advantage of the processes that occur in our brains to save as much knowledge before going to the exam.

Knowledge enters people’s brains through repetition, most times. The multiplication tables are elements of knowledge that surely many of us know by heart. This is not bad, but it is also important to know the process by which it leads to the response. This same idea should be taken to all areas of knowledge.

Knowing something is not the same as understanding it. It is why in your process of preparing for the admission exam to study at the university, you must use all the tools at your disposal and avoid the use of memorization in cases that are not useful.

If what you study is a process, understand that it is shaped and why its parts.

The memory has different stages, depending on the period in which it is intended to maintain certain stored information.

That is why the review is an important element since picking up topics you have studied in recent days. You help your brain move all that knowledge to your long-term memory.

5. Make the study a daily habit

While there are some topics that you surely master. It is enough to read from time to time to keep fresh in your mind. The knowledge you need to enter an educational institution is high. So, devote time to your daily preparation.

By taking the study and making it a habit, you are not only training your mind to keep more information in a more efficient and detailed way. You can create a rhythm in which your mind gets used to functioning more lastingly, making that the processes carried out within it are more accurate and faster.

Besides all this, the more often you study, the greater the possibility that you keep the information and understand the concepts and the greater the amount of knowledge that you will handle, learning, or recovering. Both circumstances can improve the results you get during your exam.

If you can achieve it, surely you have everything it takes to study Law, Computer Science, Medicine, or any career you want.

6. Make notes and make notes of everything you study

Studying for yourself is a complicated task for many, and sometimes tedious. When studying for something as important as the college entrance exam, it can be much more recommended.

Many aspects make preparing for this exam more complex than for other tests because the bet is much higher than just one grade. The number of aspects that you should consider is varied, for example:

  • Themes;
  • Subjects;
  • Information;
  • Mathematical formulas;
  • Bibliographical sources.

One of the best ways you can support yourself to study is by taking notes. This writing action not only helps you improve your ability to keep information. It also allows you to accommodate the information in such a way that it is much more summarized, clear, and accessible to you.

By making notes, you can keep a much more adequate and precise control of the topics you have already studied. You still need to review and also those that work harder to understand.

7. Study in the company of friends or people who can help you

Preparing for an admissions exam for college requires a lot of effort and dedication. Therefore, one of the best tips you can follow is to surround yourself with people who can help you overcome this challenge in the best way.

An excellent option to use this advice is to meet with other friends or acquaintances who are also preparing for such an exam. If they are interested in entering the same university or career as you, by doing this, you will create a pleasant environment that will make your study sessions more fruitful.

These study meetings could easily become parties and could completely lose their purpose. Ask for help from someone who has already been through this process before. Be it a friend or neighbor is already in college. In this way, it is safer that there is a more adequate and deeper concentration to prepare you better.

8. Give priority to the items that cost you the most work

All people have the facility for certain things. It can be a talent, interest, a practice, which makes us perform with better quality in certain aspects or fields of study than in others.

In the same way, we cannot avoid falling in certain subjects or subjects that sometimes cost us more than others.

Once we accept this reality of life, what we have left to do is fighting to prevent it from affecting us. What you can do is work harder on those aspects that cost you more work.

It is necessary to devise a strategy to learn more effectively the contents of the subjects that are least provided to you. Ideas like:

  • Use new study methods;
  • Spend more time on these issues;
  • Go with acquaintances who dominate the subject;
  • Find a tutor.

They can make a difference when solving the exam.

positive attitude

9. Have a positive attitude

The mind is powerful, and even if you don’t believe it, your way of thinking can affect the result of your college entrance exam. This does not mean that there is any power within your mind that allows you to guess the answers or anything like. Your attitude influences your performance.

It may seem unreal, but if you study or apply the test thinking, you will not pass it or that you do not understand any subject or subject. You will create a predisposition which will not only waste your time so you can make it disappear. It can also decrease the quality of your study periods or your performance during the exam.

If you study and practice with a good attitude, positivity, and confidence, all your study sessions will become much more pleasant experiences. You can also get better results. If you don’t believe it, ask a psychologist.

During the exam, a good attitude will allow you to be more focused and lively. It increases your chance of responding correctly and reduces the risk of wasting time by not focusing on the exam. When things are done willingly, the result is always better.

10. Use new or different study methods

Surely like any student, you have very well-established methods of study with which you usually study and prepare for exams. You have already seen that they work properly for you.

However, a college entrance exam is a much bigger challenge than a period exam or even a final exam. So, it is necessary to use different and broader methods to ensure.

It is recommended that you not only use the methods you use but also look for new alternatives to study. This can be very effective for two reasons:

  • New experiences.

By using different methods, you create a new experience, which helps you make the information you get, thanks to it more memorable.

  • Different approaches

When you use other methods to study a single topic, the different approaches you take help, you better understand the information.

Use all the tools at your disposal to study, especially those offered by technology, do not skimp on resources to ensure you get the best result.

11. Take precautions for the day of the exam

Many other situations are not under your control that could affect you on the day of the exam. What is under your control is what you can do to lessen setbacks?

Be sure to leave with enough time. Besides you, hundreds of people will surely go to take the college admission exam. So, the more likely you are to get closer to the place where it will take place. The greater traffic and the influx of people may delay you, so try to arrive well in advance.

Also, make sure you do not have to do many things before leaving home to the place where you will take the exam. This means you advance as much as possible the night before. You can prepare your clothes, your backpack, you can even have your breakfast ready so that in the morning you can leave as early as possible.

Finally, verify correctly from one night before you have all the tools to take your exam. Such as a pencil, pen, eraser, pencil sharpener, and a calculator if they allow you to use it during it. The point is not to arrive and find the surprise of having to buy something before starting.

12. First, solve what is related to the subjects that you master

Most university entrance exams have a time limit. It is why one of the most important precautions you have to take is knowing how to make the most of the time. So, in this way, you get the best results possible in your evaluation.

It is convenient to look for the section of the exam that contains the questions of your favorite subjects since they are surely the ones that you can solve with greater ease. If within these sections, you find questions that you have to dedicate more time, leave them to a side temporarily, and attend the others. After this, continue with the questions in the other sections but following the same strategy. If you do not remember something or it is taking you too long to solve a question, ignore it temporarily.

You will solve as many questions from the beginning, and in case you have problems with time, there will be fewer answers left. Another great advantage of this is the fact that if you run out of time. Do not miss the opportunity to get the success of questions of which you knew the answer. Left it blanks for not managing your time most convenient way.

13. Take your time

No end is good. It is also important to keep in mind that there will be questions or problems within the exam that are designed. So, devote a greater period to what you give to others.

Besides this, it is common for these types of questions to have a higher point value within the exam by a simple proportion factor. Because of this, a smart way to address this subsection is to dedicate your time. More difficult questions require more concentration and more complex answers, so trying to answer quickly in these cases can be counterproductive.

This means that if you finish before your time runs out, I recommend using the remaining minutes to corroborate your previous answers. Verify that you have missed none, or that you have put none wrong answer. While college entrance exams are a complex challenge, they are not impossible to pass, much less. If you read, practice, and prepare enough, you will surely have no problem entering the university you want.

When you get in, you will worry about other issues. You can learn about things that will help you pay for your university career, no matter where you study it. The greater the preparation you have to solve this exam, the more likely you will be to achieve it. So, try these and other techniques, besides properly exploring all the university options available to you.

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