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Three Steps to a Safer School

Students are facing bigger challenges and risks than they ever have in the past. Natural disasters, school shootings and medical emergencies are just some of these threats. Educators need to be ready to take on anything that may arise. You need to understand what the dangers are to know how to handle them.  

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, fires and tornadoes are just some of the potential natural disasters that schools face every year. While not every school is at risk, they need to be prepared for their challenges. The best defense is a good offense. Put plans in place early to be ready for anything that happens. This includes drills for evacuations, lockdowns and other types of emergencies where students need to be kept in or out of an area.

Active Shooters

It is a parent and school’s worst nightmare, an active shooter on site. Last year alone had the highest number of mass shootings since 2014, with over 30 occurring in schools with students as young as kindergarten up through high school. Educators and parents alike need to have a threat reporting system in place to help keep students safe. The quicker information of a threat can be disseminated throughout a school, the better.

Disease Outbreaks

A growing number of health risks are facing students. With decreasing numbers of vaccinations, the risk of diseases, such as measles, has grown. Parents and administrators need to be informed of any outbreaks in the area to prepare for how to mitigate them. This includes passing out information regarding symptoms and preventative measures to help stop further spread.

The safety of the students is of the utmost importance to staff and parents. Being ahead of the game and being prepared is how you can guarantee the best for your community. Safety always comes first.

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