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How to improve English writing skill
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How to improve English writing skill? ( For Non-English)

If you are learning how to improve English writing skill, before you start writing in English it is recommended that you follow a multimedia English course and that you acquire a basic vocabulary.

To write with a certain fluency in English, besides having a good vocabulary, you will have to have adequate knowledge of the grammatical structures. Therefore, it is a good idea to study or revise English grammar and practice with exercises.

It is also important that before thinking about improving your writing, specifically in English. You reach a good level of reading in English. It is an ideal way to acquire vocabulary and become familiar with the grammatical structures that you will need to know. Keep reading: How to study math fast? (10 easy tricks)

How to improve English writing skill

How to improve english writing skill?

– Keep in mind that depending on the type of text that you want to write, you will need to have a good knowledge of the specific vocabulary that corresponds to the topic (for example, the vocabulary that you will use in a commercial letter will probably not be the same as the one you will need in a scientific text or an informal text).

– Some types of documents or texts in English follow rules that may be different from their equivalent in your language, both in its structure and in specific aspects (presentation and dismissal in a letter or email, etc.). Look for models (for example on the Internet) that can guide you on how to focus your writing (for example, “Curriculum vitae” models, emails, business letters, etc.).

– Generally, unless you have a very high level of English, you will probably be thinking in your native language and “translating mentally as you write.

Use the electronic dictionary

How to improve English writing skill

Sometimes a word in your language can have several equivalences in English. It is also possible that the use of the term in English requires certain “rules” grammar. For example, if it is an adjective it is very likely that you should place it in front of the noun and not behind, as in your language usually appears. We would say “The red car passed quickly” and not “The car red passed quickly” (” The red car passed quickly “). Therefore, it is always advisable that, besides the translation or equivalence of the words, consult the example sentences of use that accompany each term.

– Another alternative if you have doubts about how to write a complete sentence is that you use an online translator as support. Be careful when using this type of resources, because the translations will not be “perfect”. They can give you an idea about the wording of a sentence if you are totally confused.

– If you use a word processor (such as Word or another) to write your writing, enable (in the options of the program) the spelling in English. This will help you detect misspellings with words and even prevent syntactic errors in expressions. The automatic correctors will not always detect all faults and, just as in your language. They should only be considered as a “help”. The final quality of the text will only depend on you.