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Learn to play guitar

Learn to play guitar: Tips for beginners

The dream of many people is to play the guitar one day. Together with languages, it is the subject that is most in-demand in the world of private lessons. And this only means that there is a wide variety of opportunities to learn.

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to learn to play the guitar. In addition to being a beginner and student again is always a very enriching experience even if you have a certain age.

The most important thing when learning to play the guitar is determination and perseverance. The rest does not matter. At first, you get pretty bad, everyone can become a great guitarist.

Learn to play guitar: Tips

The road to being a good guitarist is sometimes not easy. We will need tips, tricks and materials to master this instrument. Each person is a world, but there are tips that serve all kinds of people:

Learn to play guitar

You have to be constant: To learn to play guitar you have to have a routine. You have to dedicate a series of hours a week and if they can be distributed much better every day.

Company: This path is much better done together. This does not mean that you have a good teacher by your side, it is also better if you have a friend with whom to learn at the same time.

Play what you like: Agood guitarist must know how to play everything, but you must always start with what motivates you the most. Give priority to your tastes and have fun in each class.

Expand your tastes: Listen to more music and you will learn much more. Also, not always what you like most is what you play best. Who knows where your talent can be?

When someone starts playing the guitar one of the things they want to do is buy the instrument. To have the guitar in your hands and start playing it. So if you want to go to the music store, here are some tips:

Do not spend too much money: it is normal that your first guitar is not the final one. Probably a year or two years and you want to buy one that suits much more to the way you play. Invest first in something simple, comfortable and cheap.

A guitar that you like: start playing the guitar that is the type of music that you like and what you want to play. It is also important that aesthetically you look pretty, that will motivate you a little.

Buy a second-hand guitar

Many people think it is a good option because it is cheap. The truth is that if you do not know well about guitars you can end up with something of very poor quality. The starter packs of some brands are many much more second options.

If you go to an instrument store, they will surely give you a choice between many options and type of guitar. Some are easier to play than others, but the most important thing is to be clear about what you want to play. According to this, you can choose the guitar as a beginner:

Classical guitar / Spanish guitar / Creole guitar: The strings are made of nylon and therefore softer. It is certainly the easiest guitar to play for beginners. Much more comfortable and not very painful. The styles that can be played are much more classic, although it allows playing any acoustic.

Acoustics: The strings are made of metal and it is much more painful to play it. The sound it emits is more metallic and clear. The style is much more modern and current, it is the typical song that is used in pop.

Electric: You have to plug them into an amplifier to sound and the pack is usually much more expensive than the others. This means that you cannot practice anywhere and that you have to go with everything to play. It is not the best for beginners, but if you want to play rock, punk or any more metallic style is the only alternative that exists.

Choose a good guitar teacher for beginners

Learn to play guitar

Learning to play the guitar in a self-taught way is possible, but it is not recommended. The vast majority of people who start studying on their own, then do not end up learning well.

A good guitar teacher can accompany you from beginning to end. A good guitar teacher must have the following qualities:

Patience: A teacher must repeat the same lesson over and over again and understand that there are students who are worse off than others. So patience is essential in a teacher of any instrument.

It adapts to your concerns: There are teachers who only teach a style of music. That can be great for when you take a while and decide. But in the beginning, a teacher must adapt to all those things you want to touch.

It inspires and motivates you: There may be times when you have bad progress. That’s when a teacher should motivate you to follow and above all should give you reasons and inspire you in your creative process.

Technical and practical knowledge: You must be able to convey everything you know about playing the guitar. A good teacher must have very internalized knowledge to transmit them at the right time.

To find a good guitar teacher you must be persistent. There are times that you do not find the best one for the first time or that it simply teaches you the most basic and then falls short. So you must think that several will go through your life. In the end, you will find someone who makes you a great guitarist.