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What are the six most-watched movies of all time?

Cinema is a multi-million dollar industry with legions of fans queuing at box offices around the country to catch weekly releases. With new films out regularly, there is no let-up in the number of cinema-goers. Let’s take a look at the six most-watched movies of all time.

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Titanic’s epic voyage

The most-watched movie of all time is Titanic, a 1997 epic disaster film directed by James Cameron. The film follows the fateful Titanic’s maiden voyage and the sinking in 1912. The main plot of the film is a love story between Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Rose, played by Kate Winslet.

Biographical drama My Left Foot

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot is a 1989 film based on the autobiography of Christy Brown, an Irish writer and painter who had severe cerebral palsy. The story follows Christy’s life and highlights the challenges he faced.

Emotional movie Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is a 1993 American historical film. It is based on the true story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman, who saved more than one thousand Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.

Vertigo is a classic in the thriller genre

Vertigo, a 1958 American psychological thriller, is often considered one of Hitchcock’s masterpieces. With plenty of twists and turns, you can enjoy films such as this in your own home.

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Comedy with Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot is a 1959 American comedy starring Marilyn Monroe. It is widely considered one of the greatest comedies in the history of cinema.

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A Separation

A Separation, directed by Asghar Farhadi, is a 2011 drama film that explores themes related to family, morality and social dynamics in contemporary Iran.