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How to Look After Your New Whiteboard

If you use your own whiteboard, it is important to maintain in order to keep it looking new and usable for the years to come.

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These easy and quick maintenance tips will save you time and money if added to your routine and keep your whiteboard in sparkling new condition.

Use the Right Markers

Whiteboards are one of the most useful teaching tools in classrooms today. Blackboards have in fact been used since the earliest types of human civilisation and have been in use in school classrooms since 1801.

One of the most important factors in keeping your whiteboard in the best shape is choosing the right marker pen. It is vital to use specially made markers for dry-erase boards.

Labels on the pen and packaging should identify whether the marker is dry-erase or not. Ensure you never use highlighters, sharpies or other marker pens, as these can permanently mark the board’s surface, leaving your whiteboard ruined.

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Erase the Whiteboard Regularly

For dry wipe whiteboards for children, enquire with a company such as

After using a dry-wipe marker, regularly erase the writing using a specially made eraser. It is vital to use an eraser that has been specifically designed for use on a whiteboard, as they are non-abrasive and clear ink far more effectively than a towel or rag.

To avoid staining, erase your board each day, waiting until the ink is thoroughly dried for at least 10 seconds. Dried ink is far easier to remove than wet ink.

Use Commercial Cleaners

It is particularly easy to clean a whiteboard with a commercial cleaner. Usually sold in spray bottles, they are simple and straightforward to use, and there are even commercial cleaners to remove permanent ink should someone accidentally use an incorrect marker.

However, ensure you never use household items such as baby oil, nail polish, WD-40 or other solutions to clean your whiteboard. As well as damaging the whiteboard, they can also be hazardous to people’s health.

Clean the Whiteboard Regularly

Generally, the more your whiteboard is used, the more it will need to cleaned.

If it is used every day, your whiteboard should be cleaned a few times each week. If it used less than once a day, you can clean it less often. Around once or twice each month should keep your whiteboard in great condition.

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