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How classrooms need to adapt post covid

The importance of academic success

Both parents and teachers alike have their own individual views on the importance of academic success for their own children, and for those that they teach. These views go hand in hand with opinions on how such success can be achieved. Of course, as children grow, develop and mature, they will also begin to form their own opinions on the value that they place on academic success and how they plan to achieve it.

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Whilst opinions on the importance of academic success vary significantly, most people recognise that it is something to strive towards. Opinions also vary on how such success can be achieved, but research has shown that the educational environment has a part to play. Whilst young people are maturing, such research and its outcomes can help to shape their opinions on academic success and how to achieve it, and assist them in making informed choices affecting their future.

The role of the classroom

Research carried out into classroom design, such as, has shown that a well-designed classroom can, in fact, boost academic success. This valuable research showed that individualisation, stimulation and naturalness were the key factors imperative to success within the design of a classroom. Research focussed on the fact that each child is an individual and their individual well-being must be considered more carefully, and this finding was backed up by the academic results of a number of children, who were moved from what was considered a poorly designed classroom to one which was deemed more adequate.

Changing the future

It would appear a wise choice then to begin looking along the lines of bespoke education buildings, particularly designed to facilitate learning, in order to improve the academic outcomes of young people as they grow, rather than pushing them to their limits come exam time. You will also want to ensure that your heating systems are in fully owrking order and that they can deal with the capacity needed and a quick call to a Cheltenham Boiler Installation company such as will get you all of the information that you need to decide whether to upgrade your system.

With companies specialising in creating a tailored, individual learning space, and the research to show that this may be the way forward when trying to boost academic success, surely this gives food for thought within our education system today. By essentially manipulating learning outcomes using the environment, this could, in the long term, remove an immense weight from the shoulders of our young people in the future, therefore helping them to achieve better outcomes for themselves.

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