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What are the different journalistic genres?

A journalistic genre is a literary form used by a journalist to write the information he processes during his working day. Newspaper sections, for example, are formed by different journalistic genres. Be alert to the following article in which prior educators tells you which are the main journalistic genres that are categorized into informative and opinion genres.

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In this category are classified all journalistic articles that provide and receive information. In other words, they convey data and concrete facts. These articles should express the information as objectively as possible. In the category of information, there are subcategories:

The new one contains the story of an information. She has to explain what happened, to whom, how it happened, where, when it happened and why.

Informational reporting is a set of information in which the narrative is a little more literary. This genre is based on information that one day was new but it is a question of deepening the repercussion that this news has for society. The report is fuller than the new one.

For its part, the interview is an informative genre that has the question – answer format. Through specific questions on one or more information themes, a public figure exposes the journalist to his or her experiences or opinions.

journalisticJournalistic Opinion Gender

Types of opinion are those used in the press in order to give the particular vision of a journalist or a public figure on a topical subject. Any opinion, which is exposed, must be reasoned. Here you have to use the first person. The journalistic kinds of opinion are the editorial, the letter to the director, the opinion piece, the column and the critic.

The editorial is an ideological publication realized by the media. It is usually not signed because its content is related to what the editorial thinks about a current topic.

The letter to the director is a kind of opinion that is not used by the journalist because it is his own readers who meet him in order to express their point of view on a theme. It has the format of a letter in which the speaker presents himself and where the reasons for the dispatch are explained.

journalisticThe opinion piece is an explanatory or argumentative text on a concrete theme. In general, journalists, people outside the media, but who have a certain prestige in society usually write opinion articles.

The column. It is used for the same purpose as the opinion piece and it has the same structure. The difference lies in the fact that it has a concrete periodicity, for example, it can be published weekly.

Finally, criticism is used to give its opinion on a work exposed to the public, it can be a musical piece, a concert or an exhibition. It must mention the technical description of the object to be criticized and the opinion of the journalist on it.

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