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How to write without spelling errors

According to the Larousse dictionary, the spelling is “Set of rules and usages defined as the norm to write the words of a given language”. Writing correctly says a lot about the person who writes, so if you make mistakes, the image you see will not necessarily be good. While it is true that there is no magic formula for writing without making mistakes, there are techniques and recommendations that can help you improve your writing. Regardless of age or language, at we give you some tips on how to write without spelling errors.

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spellingOne of the main tips generally recommended learning how to write without making spelling mistakes is to read. You should encourage reading from childhood and read everything that comes before you, but paying attention to it. In addition to the content of the text, you will need to pay attention to how words are written to unconsciously memorize a large number of words.

In addition, if you want to write correctly, you will have to learn by heart some rules of spelling and grammar. For example, in the case of French, you will need to know the pronunciation rules in order to be able to put the accents in the words that need them, or the cases in which the consonants are doubled.

spellingAnother excellent way of practicing so as not to commit so many spelling mistakes is the dictations. Ask someone to help you dictate a text aloud, which you will need to write and then correct to see your mistakes. Copy several times the words you have written incorrectly is also a good technique, to try to remember it the next time.

When you write in the word processor of your computer, or even in the internet browser, it is strongly advised to have previously installed a spell checker that will tell you the badly written words. However, you have to keep in mind that the corrector omits many spelling errors, so you cannot consider it very reliable or as a solution to your problem.

spellingYou will also need to search the dictionary for any words you do not know how to write or that you are in doubt about. The Dictionary Larousse, besides its edition on paper, has a numerical version, which will allow you to consult all the words you want through the Internet.

In case you do not have a dictionary or the Internet at hand, such as during an exam, use synonyms if we do not know how to write a word. Do not take the risk of making a mistake, think a little and you will find another word that means the same thing and you know how to write

spellingToday, one of the main reasons for spelling mistakes is the relaxation when writing, for example in text messages or instant messaging between smartphones, in cats on the Internet or on social networks. Although you can use abbreviations to write faster, it is advisable to follow the spelling rules in these cases as well.

If you follow all these tips, you will get to entertain yourself by looking for spelling mistakes on posters, newspapers, television … and you can even correct them. It will be a good thing because it will show that you will have improved your knowledge and that you will begin to be able to write without spelling mistakes.


Apply as much as possible to write correctly and without spelling mistakes.