How to study on the eve of an exam


Studying the day before an exam is not at all advisable, as it is not possible to learn the whole program in this way. However, if you are in a hurry and you have not been able to find enough time to study this exam that causes you so much worry, here are some tips to study the day before an exam. Know beforehand that miracles do not exist.

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studyFirst of all, we must find an isolated place where silence is absolute. During the hours to follow, you should concentrate as much as possible, so it is best to avoid the library or any other place that might distract you.

Take out all your notes and material. Absolutely everything. You will thus have before your eyes the material necessary to pass this examination.

To study the day before an exam, the first thing to do is to read the course in its entirety. During this reading, do not emphasize anything and do not take notes. Just try to understand what you are reading.

After this first reading, proceed to a second reading. During this second reading, you must identify the most important concepts. It is a matter of noting on a sheet all the concepts that you think are essential to the understanding of the theme. You can then write small files on which you will condensate to the maximum all the

It is important to take these notes and locate the keywords because in rewriting what you see, you memorize it. If you have a visual memory, it is a rather effective method. Also, if you have enough time, rewrite the cards several times to better remember them. This is one of the best techniques to study the day before an exam.

It is impossible to study everything the day before. That’s why selection is really important. If you have gone to class, you will surely have taken notes from the teacher indicating the most important aspects of the program. If you have not gone to class, it will be better to ask for your marks from another

If nevertheless, you do not have enough information on the most important aspects, it does not matter. You will need to use your critical thinking skills and select the themes that you feel are essential. It is better to know to perfection some of the themes than to know a little about everything and badly.

Try to anticipate the questions. Ask yourself what questions you may be asked. Ask your classmates for their opinion on possible exam questions or if they have consulted copies of previous exams. Normally, students learn about this because teachers are often accustomed to offering similar examinations.

It is very important that you eat little, light and early that night. Although you think you can avoid sleeping, we assure you that this is a mistake. Studies indicate that sleep deprivation can play very bad tricks in these situations where you are also under a lot of stress. It is best to sleep a few hours and rest as much as

Finally, the next day, try to reread all the notes of the previous day and arrive early in order to be able to review them with your classmates.

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