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Child's Memory
Early Education

7 methods to Develop a Child’s Memory

We will see here how to develop the memory of the child. Memory plays a vital role in your child's learning process. It will allow him to learn, to fix his knowledge and to remember all his life. It is very important to cultivate, train and take care of his memory throughout his life, from a very young age. When I speak of memory, I also refer to the process of input, recording, storage and retrieval of both auditory and visual information from your brain, allowing you to retain and reproduce the experiences . I also refer to the ability to record memories, creating emotions.

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Child's Memory1. With stories

Choose a story that your child loves and read it using a simple register, imitating the voices of the characters in order to exercise her imagination. When you have finished reading the story, ask him what he remembers and what part he loved most. With your help, try to remind her of the most important moments of the story in a structured way.

2. With songs

 Memorizing songs is good for his memory. Parents often sing songs to their children since birth, which they learn little by little. A good technique to simulate your child's memory is to invent funny worms. In the beginning, you can do it with things your child knows, and as it grows, you can increase the difficulty, with the days of the week or the alphabet.

Child's Memory3. Toys

If your child is young, toys that emit sounds are perfect. You can help your child memorize what he or she heard by pressing the right key on the toy. In addition, there are also some toys that emit sounds and colors specially designed for learning memory.

4. Repetition

Repeat the things your child needs to remember. So if you want him to remember the rules of the game, repeat the rules and have them repeat them so that he retains them. Ask him later if he remembers the rules.

Child's Memory5. The objects of the house

You can help your child improve his memory with the objects of the house. For example, take some items from the house, show them to him, and hide them somewhere in the house and find them all. He must remember the objects and their numbers to find them. You can also ask your child to take some items from the house and give them to you and you will have to write them down on paper and your child will have to hand them over to the same place without making any mistakes. To spice up this game, you can do it with a countdown.

6. Remember some details

Remember the names of family members or classmates, phone numbers, street names for example. You can also make lists of fruits, vegetables or whatever you want and try to memorize two or three more names every day until the list is long. You can then see how many names you remember.

Child's Memory7. Take advantage of situations

You can enjoy any time to improve a child's memory. For example, during an outing at the zoo, tell them to remember the animals, and then, on leaving, have them recite the names of the animals they saw. Or when you go to the supermarket, if your child is older, ask him or her to look for bread and in which driveway is the bakery.