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8 fun activities in Calgary during school break

Extended recess – or a chance to keep learning? Maybe Spring Break can be both. March 23 to April 2 (March 25 to April 2 for Catholic schools), there are day camps and year-round activities aplenty in Calgary.

Stop watching cartoons and create them

If you are aware of the time your child spends in front of the screen, use it more creatively during the Spring Break Animation Camp for children (March 27-31, children ages 8 to 14) proposed by the Quickdraw Animation Society. For $ 320 (members) or $ 350 (non-members), creative young people will be able to explore the animation process with easy-to-use software, drawings, cuts and modeling clay. Their short cartoons to the screen.

school breakFind STEM Gold with Lego

Knowledge of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is considered a treasure for the workforce of the future, so why not encourage your young builder with the most popular building blocks for children. Organized by Brickineers, the Lego Robotics Spring Camp (March 27-31, Grades 1-6, $ 165) will be held at the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association and will focus on mining. Children will be able to construct an excavation operated by remote control or by computer.

Awaken your curiosity

From launching rockets to carton cities, animal dung, TELUS Spark spring camps explore the world of lights and colors, the science behind everyday kitchen items, projectiles And, of course, our disgusting – and sometimes hilarious – bodily functions. The one-week day camps at $ 275 (March 27-31) include galleries, open-air adventures, live science demonstrations, Dome Theater entry and hands-on practical activities, and one little dirty (but no flare rocket launch).

school breakNinja Training

This 55,000 square foot playground is not just for big kids. The spring camps (March 27-31, $ 325, or $ 225 for three days) of Inanition Fun & Fitness host small warriors as young as five years old. The camps are not just about fun and games on the military obstacle courses and American Ninja Warrior, the climbing walls and the trampoline park – instructors teach fitness skills including nutrition, Basic anatomy, and teamwork.

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Recreation Centers

Your budget is limited for school break. No problem! Keep children busy for cheap in our city with numerous recreation centers such as the YMCA, Southland, and the Village Square Leisure Centers or the Trico Center for Family Wellness. Monthly subscriptions for youth and children cost $ 35 each. Bring them hit a steering wheel on the badminton court or encourage them to release their Tarzan indoors at the long waves wave pool, perfect for swinging.

school breakExplore nature

From insects to plants, birds to wetlands, Calgary’s spring nature camps, which take place at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Ralph Klein Park, offer a week full of adventures, explorations, games, Stories, art, and crafts. The price of the camps, scheduled for March 27-31, is $ 115 for children aged four to five and $ 225 for children aged six to nine.

Hit the slopes

There is still powder waiting for you at Sport, so spring camps for skiing and snowboarding are offered throughout the month of March. Whether it is to learn how to maintain balance or to make small jumps, all levels of skill will be served. The camp is open to children ages 6 to 12 and costs $ 160 per day, including dinner and lift ticket.

school breakYour last chance to slip

This year, March in Calgary reminded us that the winter was not yet over. With long-term forecasts announcing more snowflakes before the break, this could be a good opportunity to bring your sleds to the popular hills like St. Andrew’s Heights or Confederation Park for the latest winter slides.

Whether it is to enjoy the last winter pleasures or to experience adventures in camps, there are many options in Calgary to keep kids’ bodies and minds active during the school break. After all, the school is not the only place where you can ask them, “What did you learn today?” During your dinner conversation.