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Industrial garage shelving sizes to suit you

Industrial shelving needs to be tough, stable, accessible, safe and fit for purpose – as an investment, it can help with logistics and safety among other things, so it is worth taking the trouble to fit shelving properly.

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When it comes to designing your garage, everything plays a part, and garage doors should be secure and of good quality, like those from this garage doors Swindon based company particularly when you are using it for storage.

It is not just about the shell, but the purpose, use and contents of the shelving that make it adequate or an asset. There are numerous suppliers of industrial shelving in Ireland, but before browsing the options, the measurements need careful preparation. Most suppliers offer assistance with customising to your needs.

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How to Measure

The first step is somewhat obvious: the sideways measurement of the location of the shelving unit, as well as the maximum height available. Next come the dimensions of the product to be stored – this is important because otherwise the stored items could snag, or storage space wasted unnecessarily.

The weight of items is also important, especially for tall storage solutions, and how many units are to be stored side by side. Shelving generally comes in standard widths of 36”, 42” or 48”, so choose the most appropriate width to fit the products (allowing for easy removal). The shelf depth should be selected according to the product depth. Again, standard depths are available – 12”, 18” or 24”.

Or take a look at some garage shelving as that can be very handy to use in the warehouse industry or a home setting.

Health and Safety

Bearing in mind that weight is a key factor, weight should be considered for evenly distributed loads of stored products multiplied by the number of products per shelf so that the capacity for each shelf does not cause overload. It is worth reviewing the safety issues via publications from the Health & Safety Executive. If you need to store heavy items, do some research.

The height is determined not just by the available space but also by the number of shelf openings required for the orderly storage of the products. The three standard heights for shelf space are 75”, 87” and 99”.

Once the measurements are confirmed, it is time to consider the preferred supplier of industrial shelving for options such as open or closed shelving, colouring, different types of frames and shelf so you can place your order with confidence. Research starts to narrow down the choices of quality, price, delivery times and the best industrial shelving for your requirements.

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