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Personal Care Services Careers

If you enjoy helping others feel their best, a career in personal care services may be a great option for you. Below you will find an introduction to some of the top career options in the industry.


As a cosmetologist, you will be responsible for helping your clients look their best while offering a wide range of hair care services. Most individuals attend cosmetology school to learn the trade and begin their career offering basic services such as hair cutting, coloring and styling. Then, as you become a more experienced cosmetologist you may expand to offer services such as chemical hair relaxing and straightening.

Massage Therapy

As a massage therapist, you can help individuals in a lot of ways. Most clients will come to you for pain relief, injury healing or relaxation/stress reduction. While you may begin your career with only the most basic massage techniques, as you become more advanced in your career, you will have opportunities to expand your knowledge and offer more specialized options to your clients.

To become a massage therapist, you will need to first attend an Atlanta school of massage therapy program. After completion of the coursework, you will need to complete practical experiences, pass a licensing exam and apply for your licensure with the state.

Personal Trainers

If you enjoy health and fitness, becoming a personal trainer could be an excellent career fit for you. Personal trainers work with each individual to find the best plan of action to benefit the client’s physical and mental health while reaching their wellness goals. You may be helping clients improve their health, appearance or strength. After you develop a plan for your clients you will offer regular training or support sessions to help your clients see progress through a commitment to consistency and hard work.

A career in personal career services can be extremely rewarding as you build relationships with clients and see the positive impact of your work.

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