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Bathing in Bliss – Creating the ultimate bathroom experience

If you’ve recently set up home with your partner or even if you just want to add some luxury to your home, a romantic bathroom could be just what you’re looking for. Remember before you go all out on the fun stuff and get your decorating clothes out, you may wish to agree who owns what.  Transfer of equity can keep things fair within the home.  Sam Conveyancing has more info here.  It’s easy to overlook the bathroom as just a functional room for sanitary details but there is no reason not to indulge your some luxury to make it a safe haven of comfort and privacy too.

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Whether you want a gorgeous long soak in a deep tub with your other half or a good book, you’ll want to create a setting that fits the mood. Nowadays the master bathroom is becoming an extension of the master bedroom to become a place for rest, relaxation, pampering and of course, romance. Lighting is very important to set a mood. Mixing several different types of lighting in soft and flattering tints as well as the normal overhead lighting gives you control of how you want to use the space. Low lighting for relaxation and stronger lighting for doing your make-up is ideal.

Colour choice is based purely on your preference but the most relaxing theme works by using the same colours but introducing different tones of the colour in a blending effect. This has a soothing effect whereas using colours that are opposite but compliment each other will create a more striking and dramatic look.

A large soaking tub is a must for your romantic bathroom. Cast Iron Baths are an ideal choice as they add a touch of luxury and indulgence to the room as well as adding an air of antiquity and sophistication. If your room is large enough, placing two parallel next to each other creates an intimate bathing space for couples. Matching towel rails and towel sets will make the room look like a gorgeous Honeymoon Suite.

Perhaps a freestanding cast iron bath as a main focal piece?  There are many stockists up and down the country and a quick search online will help to show you what kinds are available. With such a beautiful piece of furniture, you can really go to town and add things like scent diffuser sticks and pot pourri. You can even purchase products that turn your steam shower into a scented spa experience. You’ll never want to get out!

No romantic mood would be complete without a little gentle background music. You can load your music digitally and control it with the use of a single remote. Speakers can be set up throughout the bedroom and bath so as to create a natural flow from one room to the other. There are other little touches that can add to the feel of the room.

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Heated towel rails are a nice touch, especially in the colder months. Interestingly shaped mirrors might soften the room and so do window coverings. Have a blind but soften it by hanging up drapes or soft fabric artfully positioned on wall hooks to cover the harshness of the square window with just a blind on it.


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