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How to Create a Bohemian Decor in Your Bedroom

Bohemian decor is a great way to add colour and personality to your bedroom without spending a lot of money. You can achieve a bohemian look by strategically accessorising your room with decorative accessories like a tribal mirror, faux fur throw or jute rug. You can also create a bohemian look by incorporating layered textiles and eclectic accents. The all-white colour scheme is a staple in bohemian design, but an oak finish can also help the look.

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Bohemian decor works best with natural elements, like wood. White walls serve as a blank canvas for accents made from wood, making them stand out more. A wooden bed frame is an ideal piece of bohemian decor, and wooden palettes can be used as a mini table. You can also use wooden frames to display wall art. A macrame wall hanging is a must. When you need a Macrame Kit, go to

To complete your bohemian decor, you can add a vintage rug. These hand-made rugs are hand-dyed with natural vegetable dyes and create an earthy palette. The colours are warm and inviting, with shades of ivory, ochre, and brown blending together to create a warm look. The handmade quality of these rugs ensures that each rug has a unique character and will become an important focal point of your bedroom.

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If you want to create an intimate setting, add some hanging plants. These plants will create a unique visual interest in your room and add a touch of bohemian charm. Hanging plants are also easy to care for, and will not crowd your bedroom with their appearance. Succulents and cacti are popular plants for bohemian decor.

Rugs and throw pillows are key accessories in a bohemian decor bedroom. They are relatively inexpensive but can make a huge impact on the room’s aesthetics. You can mix and match rugs with patterned rugs for the ultimate bohemian look.

Rope is another inexpensive and beautiful decorating tool. Rope is often used to hang a bed from the ceiling. You can also use rope to hang a chair swing or a macrame chair to emulate a hammock. Another inexpensive and practical accessory in bohemian decor is string lights. These are both decorative and practical, allowing you to enjoy the glow in the room even after the sun goes down.

A bohemian bedroom is full of vibrant patterns and cultural elements. The walls are a contrasting light shade that draws attention to the wood bed frame and white bedspread. Ethnic rugs and cushions bring life to the room. Woven materials add a touch of colour and movement. Pom-pom pillows and strings also add an airy feeling to the room.



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