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Tips for Dressing Different Types of Windows

Decorating your windows serves multiple purposes, such as framing a view, ensuring privacy or adding a touch of style to your space. When you’re in the market for window treatments it’s essential to determine your goals and stick to them throughout the selection process. Perhaps you’re also interested in boosting your home’s energy efficiency by blocking out light in a bedroom or introducing some colours.

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While achieving all these objectives may seem overwhelming, planning and careful fabric choices will make it easy for you to create stunning windows. To assist you with your project here are some tips;

  1. Define Your Objectives

If you want an uncluttered look for your windows, consider using blinds. The fewer obstructions around the windows the natural light can filter through. Opt for shades or blinds that can be easily mounted above the window with hardware and an inconspicuous track.

  1. Highlight the Interior

The interior refers to the area surrounding a window frame which can become a feature of any room. If your house has charm with wooden work around the windows, embrace this element as part of your decor. To draw attention to the detail of your windows, consider painting or staining the interior in a contrasting colour. This simple technique can make your room feel more elegant.

  1. Opt for shades

If you have windows or multiple windows side by side, Roman shades can be an excellent choice. Mount them on the wall outside of the frame so they don’t obstruct or limit window movement. To enhance the look consider adding swags or pleats to these shades.

  1. Embrace arched windows

These windows are commonly referred to as arches, half moons or palladian windows. Dressing shapes may be challenging, but custom fit curtains that match the shape of your arch can create a sleek and stylish appearance. For Curtain Makers Near Me, go to

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These ideas will help transform your windows and elevate the aesthetic of your room.

To create an effect, you can try using a curtain that can be elegantly pulled back with decorative pegs tucked into the top of the window frame.

These suggestions will provide you with an understanding of how to dress types of windows. With planning and imaginative ideas you’ll be able to transform your windows into the attraction of any room in no time. If you ever feel overwhelmed when choosing a window treatment don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. Knowledgeable staff will always be available to lend a hand and ensure your project is done correctly.