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Why should you use a local TV aerial installer?

There are a number of points worth considering when understanding the benefits of sourcing a local tradesman for TV aerial repair rather than using a national company.

According to the regulations and guidance outlined by the government, you don’t need planning permission if you have an antenna installed at your property provided it is below a certain size. However, it does require the expertise of a professional who has both the skill and knowledge of the relevant safety measures required to work at elevated heights and the technical knowledge to ensure the fitting is successful and long-lasting.

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Using a local TV aerial installer rather than a national installer

A large number of national aerial installation companies rely on outsourcing to subcontractors rather than employing their own specialist and accredited engineers. This often means the cost is higher, as the charges have to take into account the cut these companies take in addition to the amount the subcontractors earn. Take into consideration the larger overheads of these companies and the VAT charge that any company turning over more than £85,000 is obliged to charge and the cost of using a national installer over local TV aerial repair in Stroud or another part of the country quickly mounts up.

Furthermore, employing a local installer for TV aerial repair Stroud means the money being paid to that tradesman is more likely to be put back into the local economy. Finally, if for whatever reason the installer was required to return, this is logistically much simpler if using a local tradesman who has only a short distance to travel.

A local TV aerial installation company, such as, will always be happy to offer you advice.

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What can you expect from a local TV aerial installation?

Firstly, any service will include a minimum 12-month guarantee; what’s more, a warranty will usually accompany any new equipment installed. A high-quality aerial fitted by a high-quality installer should last a minimum of 10 years; in many cases, it will last 15 to 25 years.