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The Main Differences Between Private and Public School

As a parent, you will be faced with many difficult decisions, one of them being school options. If you are looking for an outline of what to expect from public versus private school, keep reading. Here are a few of the main differences.

1. Class Size

In most circumstances, a private kindergarten Belmont MA would have much smaller class sizes than a public institution. This would be mean much more one-on-one instruction for your little one and many more resources available at his or her disposal. Depending on your child’s personality, a lower teacher to student ratio could be a huge plus.

2. Price

One of the biggest perks of public school is that there are no additional payments, aside from your taxes, that are required for your kiddo to attend. For this reason, public schools are zoned based on your address. On the other hand, because private schools take tuition from their students, they are usually able to offer more than their public counterparts.

3. Uniforms

While there are public school systems that require students to wear uniforms, it is much more common in the private school system. Uniforms are an expense that you may forget to factor into your decision. So, be sure to do your research and be aware of all the expectations that are in place for each option. You may also consider how your child may react to a more strict dress code.

Being a parent and making tough choices for your children to be successful is no mean feat. You may not always get it right, but deciding on what schooling is best for your family is not something that should be taken lightly. The tips above are a great tool to help you decipher a solid list of pros and cons that can make your selection much easier.

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