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How to create a 70s look in your home

If you love a retro vibe in your home, then a nod to 70s decor can be a lot of fun to create. It’s informal, filled with personality, packed with colour and texture and completely on-trend. Here are some essentials to invest in – or you can make your own!

1. A Bamboo Side Table

Twisted and curved bamboo is retro and ideal for creating a retro vibe. The finish is typically varnished and the overall aesthetic includes lots of rounded shapes.

2. A Vintage Framed Print

Head to your local thrift store for original retro prints that celebrate the best of the seventies. Kitsch and joyful, you can upgrade the frames with spray paint to add a modern twist

3. Hanging Macrame Creations

Grab a macrame kit from a specialist provider such as and you can make your own 70s-inspired plant holder or wall hanging for a wonderfully personalised touch.

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  1. Fringed LampFringing was very popular in the 70s, so look for original fringed lamps and cushions, or make your own by adding lengths of fringing to upholstery and fabrics. You can either sew, glue or staple them for a quick and easy vintage upgrade. 

    5. Orange Wallpaper

    The 70s colour palette was all about oranges, burnt yellow, warm browns and rich umber shades, so why not add these colours to your living space with a splash of feature wallpaper or a rug? You can buy adhesive-backed paper for a quick upgrade, or even make a rag rug in 70s shades for your flooring. The 70s was also very much about recycling and creativity, so anything with a ‘make your own’ theme will go down very well.

    6. Candles in Wine Bottles

    Add the classic student vibe by placing long, tapered candles into vintage wine bottles for that Spanish bar feel that will remind you of holidays in the 70s. Finish your dining table with a patterned oilcloth tablecloth and you’ll have the perfect dining space!

    Which tweaks will you try to bring 70s retro glamour and kitsch fun into your home this summer?

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