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activities to improve attention and concentration

Follow the 3 activities to improve attention and concentration

There are many activities to improve attention and concentration in the classroom. In practice, it is about motivating students and avoiding their distractions. In some cases, they are just mental activities. In others, systems and other types of elements are used.

It is very common for children and adolescents to be easily distracted in class. It can happen due to a large number of factors. The duration of student attention period varies according to their age, motivation, time of day and subject. Know these three activities to encourage concentration in the classroom.

Activities to improve attention and concentration

how to improve concentration in the classroom

As children grow, their attention span increases. However, it is also possible to train them to improve their concentration and attention at any age. For this, there is a series of strategies and methodologies that teachers can use. Next, we will see examples of activities to encourage concentration in the classroom.

Perform a routine before starting the class

Before starting the class or giving instructions for an activity, it is highly recommended that the teacher perform a small routine. This will help students prepare their brains for the class they are going to start and will stimulate their concentration.


This routine will mark the end of the relaxation time and the beginning of a learning period that will require more attention. When done every day, students will get used to it, and the transition will be made easier.

The first thing will be to achieve total silence. For that, it is very useful to warn students that they will be allowed to talk to one another for a few minutes and then a signal will be given that will indicate that silence begins.

The signal can simply count up to three, or you can use a chime or some other sound. It is also essential to teach them. In addition to silence, the signal will also indicate that they should sit well, facing forward.

Mental exercises to encourage concentration

To achieve the attention of the students, it is advisable to do some mental exercises. These can also be done between learning cycles, or simply when you notice that the class has lost concentration. There are many activities of this kind that are useful to encourage concentration in the classroom.

exercises to encourage concentration

The technique of the turtle is one of the classics. It is about telling the children or teenagers the story of the turtle, which is easily found on the internet. They should be asked that each time they hear the word, ‘turtle’ put their heads between their shoulders and stay still, imitating this animal when it is inside its shell.

“It is essential to plan blocks that do not exceed 15 or 20 minutes. Beyond that time, students will not be able to maintain their attention.”

Another strategy very used is the game of the box. It is about showing the students a series of objects and then putting them in a box. Next, they will be asked to name the objects that are inside the box one by one. In addition to encouraging concentration, this exercise helps strengthen memory.

On the other hand, we can appeal to the playful elements that help improve concentration in the classroom. Among them are the puzzles, the games to find the differences, the soups of letters, the game of memory, etc.

All of these activities are excellent allies of the teachers when it comes to helping students develop their attention span. The important thing is not to always use them and try to make them as fun as possible. Textbooks are being questioned by many professionals in the face of the emergence of new tools.

Create a conducive environment and avoid distractions

For children to concentrate better in the classroom, it is important to create an appropriate environment. The classroom should be well lit, airy, with a comfortable temperature and should be quiet. Also, distractions should be avoided as much as possible.

study environment

For example, it is important that the teacher prepares in advance all the material that he will need. The comings and goings to find materials are a source of distraction that will make it very difficult for students to stay focused.

To encourage concentration in the classroom, it is essential to plan blocks that do not exceed 15 or 20 minutes. Beyond that time, students will not be able to maintain their attention and will begin to be distracted; this system will also facilitate the processing of information.

Finally, it is also important to control the level of difficulty of the attention task that is being demanded. An activity that is too easy or too difficult will cause a lack of attention on the part of the students. Share the 3 activities to improve attention and concentration with your friends.