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Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha a spectacular website to learn mathematics

Mathematics has never scared me. I think I would have achieved much more with them if someone had taught me the same in a visual rather than abstract way. Here we shortly guide you about Wolfram Alpha. 

Basically, Wolfram Alpha is a response engine. Wolfram Research Company develop it. It answers questions we may have about certain facts, products, and other things, through a structured database. So, unlike search engines like Google or Yahoo, which offer us a link to access information? Wolfram Alpha is also responsible for processing and gives us already digested answers.

How does Wolfram Alpha work

Wolfram Alpha

There are two ways in which you can answer a question. On the one hand, it has a particular language called Mathematica. It developed by Wolfram Research, it is really interesting. This language allows us to search in a database structured and curated by the company. It differentiated by the fact that it is not indexing, but is really answering a question.

On the other hand, Wolfram Alpha can also answer specific questions such as, “How many years did Henry VIII’s reign last?”. Standardizing the sentences and then checking against their information base. In addition, it allows us to make complicated calculations, and receive information in real time from. For example, stock quotes. All this thanks to the 15 million lines of Mathematica code. It runs in more than 10 thousand CPUs of Wolfram Research.

Wolfram Alpha is not completely automated, it also has its manual parts. First, the sources are chosen. The best sources are selected by the staff of Wolfram, which means that they often have access to databases that Google or other search engines do not have (because, for example, they may be paid). You can access data that is not usually available online.

What is prioritized information?

I remember, especially with the algebra. The teacher entered the class and developed equations that took them to their minimum expression with extraordinary speed. It seemed that their challenge was to show us how fast it was on the blackboard instead of trying to teach us the reasoning to arrive at that equational depression.

Fortunately, this method of teaching is increasingly in disuse, preferring a more student-oriented teaching. The internet also allows us to access teaching methods. The teaching method provides worldwide.

What better field to develop it than if it is not with the universal language of mathematics?

Features of  Wolfram Alpha website

I want to inform you about the Wolfram Alpha website. It is simply spectacular for anyone who wants to learn math fun. While the site is in English, anyone who speaks any other language can easily use it when it comes to numbers.

The fascinating thing about Wolfram Alpha is that it is enough to record the operation you want to perform so that the website will give you the answer but not directly but also uses a series of alternative graphic responses to explain and we can understand how it has arrived is a result.

Look for example the explanation of what is 5 + 8:

Wolfram Alpha

As you can see from the above image, it not only gives us the result but also explains in graphic form, using two systems, the linear one and the geometrical one, how that result is arrived at.

Wolfram Alpha evidently supports more complex operations than just adding. It can also include problems of linguistics, history among others.

Wolfram Alpha is also absolutely free although it has a subscription system as well. It is, without a doubt, a page that must follow if you are studying mathematics or statistics.