How to explain the Big Bang theory to children


One of the most important chapters in the general education of children is to explain to them how the world in which we lived was created, that is to say, its origin. For this, they must understand the well-known Big Bang theory, which, scientifically, explains the incredible event that created life. This new knowledge and the quantity of new concepts to understand and assimilate make this event a highlight for children. This requires a total involvement on the part of the teacher, the theme being new but also fascinating first contact for children with the world of physics. On, we expose, in a simple and complete way, how to explain the Big Bang theory to children.explain

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In the first place, children must assimilate the concepts of infinity, nothingness, and energy. They must be aware that everything comes from an infinite space in which there are only particles of energy, the rest being nothing but nothingness, nothingness.

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The explosion that has changed everything must be explained in detail. Children must understand that matter, in the form of particles of energy that clash with each other, has caused the creative explosion of the universe in general.

The concept of origin is very important. They must be aware that the Universe took a moment to form and that it had nothing to do with what they currently know. Everything happened after the explosion.

They must also assimilate the concepts of matter and evolution: how, after the great explosion, the matter arose, matter, which today composes the planets and our milky way, life in general.

Finally, show children how time has changed matter, from impact to its present form, such as the development of life on planet earth, the creation of planets that make up the universe, Etc.

Note that the Big Bang Theory, properly explained, can be impressive and fun for the smallest but also quite complex, so when you plan to explain it, do it step by step with simple words and Let the child ask any questions that come to mind.

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Slowly develop the theme, little by little, so that children can assimilate the new concepts.

Use a variety of media, such as illustrations or, better yet, videos that explain the origin of the universe to children.

Accompany them to museums or exhibitions that refer to the theme.

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