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The fourth year of high school in the USA and then?

If you still a minority, but someone does that: YOU mean Italian high school students who choose to spend the fourth year of study abroad.

In the best cases, the high school organizes the stay because it has a mobility tutor. In other cases, the student organizes himself. For those who feel it is an important, addictive and life-changing experience.

Someone, more ardent, also tries to stay, perhaps to achieve the final high school exam in the host country.

high schoolHowever, how to set up, then, with access to the university?

A specific question comes from Giulia’s parents (let’s call it that, but it’s not her real name), a high school student in Rome who is preparing for her departure for the United States, where she would go to the senior year ‘Last school year for the American system).

YOU did an experience many years ago, but only for a portion of the year. Giulia, on the other hand, would like to stay, graduate there and continue with the university in the United States (but also think about England). Choosing to do a university overseas is not as easy as you have already written.

For Giulia, there are several possibilities: Parents would oppose the university in the United States (for astronomical costs, but also because, to get to an American university of the best, you have to reach a very high score of SAT … and if you could not get it?). They are therefore in favor of the university course in England, but above all, they would not even want to close the doors of the Italian university (because in life you never know …). After all – they argue, not without reason – Julia is young and could change her mind.

With what title would you go out of American school? Which university could access? However, most of all, a year is it enough to earn all the titles, scores and credits then study what it will want? (Incidentally: probably economy).

The question is, therefore: is the American diploma recognized in Italy.

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high schoolWell, it does not seem to your

According to what YOU knew, students in the American High School Diploma must have attended two years of college (with admission to the third year) or only one year of college (with admission to the second year), to return to the Italian university, Plus four Advanced Placement (AP) , in different subjects (and relevant to the chosen Italian course!). For the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, requirements are more stringent.

The AP – for those who did not know it – is a certification exam in various subjects, addressed to high school students, enabling students to acquire credits for college when they are still in high school.

By doing some research YOU have found on this, site the following that is

“Starting from the academic year 2013-2014, contrary to what is required by the previous legislation, students with a US high school degree who have attended at least three Advanced Placement (AP) exams, including one mandatory in Italian and the other two in subjects related to the chosen course of study. It will no longer be necessary to attend two additional years of College or an additional year of College plus the achievement of four AP certifications. “

high schoolWill it be true? In addition, what are the precise regulatory references?

Since the global education community is very knowledgeable, YOU hope someone can further clarify my response to Giulia.