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Tips to make the best school album possible

We have the last quarter here! Another year that goes almost without realizing. The end of the course is a moment of joy, but also of sadness because you have to say goodbye to your friends and your teachers, until the next course or forever because you finish your school year and you go to the University or work life. Making a yearbook or end-of-course photo album is a way of remembering the good moments lived during that year. If you have also graduated or had a prom, you can remember the dress, the hairstyle that dates so marked, etc. You can also collect all the best pictures of your end of course trip to remember those good moments shared with your friends. Alternatively, even an album of your sports team where you collect the milestones of this year: the alignment, the training, your results and marks, training, key matches … etc.

school albumLook and Remember offers you the possibility of turning your digital photos into an album of your class, team or your graduation that you will remember and always keep. Your colleagues and professors from the school, institute, university, master … you will remember later with nostalgia, the graduation ceremony that marks the recognition that you have reached your academic goals and embarks on a new path towards working life, the city and The place where you studied … so why not capture each of these moments, places and people in a photo book that will bring smiles and memories to everyone who shares it?

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Elaborating your yearbook or photo album of the course or your class with the online editor of Look and Remember will tell you a number of advantages:

  1. – You do not need to download any special software. You will work at all times in your online account of Look and Remember, where you can store your photos.
  2. – You can make your class album in a collaborative way: each partner can contribute their photos, uploading them to the online platform and you can edit the album between several people.
  3. – You can add any custom text you prefer and many additional graphic resources with our Lookism & Remise.
  4. – You will be able to make and buy as many physical copies of your album of the course as you wish and on demand, since you can save your project and order new copies at any time.
  5. – The headaches are over collecting the orders of the whole class and the last minute changes of opinion. Each parent or student interested can order a copy of the album and manage his or her shipment.
  6. – You can order different qualities and sizes at the height of all pockets and satisfy all tastes.
  7. – You will also get a digital version of the free album that can be easily shared by email or on social networks.
  8. – You will be able to sell the copies of the albums at the price that you consider opportune and use them to raise funds for your trip to an end, of course, sports equipment, charity project … etc.

school albumHere are a few tips for you to create the best possible class album:

  1. – Choose a work team so that each one makes its contribution to the album. Children will be especially delighted to contribute with dedications, drawings … You can turn it into a creative project for the whole class.
  2. – Ask those who have them, upload their photos to the online platform and gather as much material as possible, so you have a choice.
  3. – Choose a theme or thread of the album: this year’s course, graduation ceremony, end of course trip … so you will be easier to organize the structure of the album.
  4. – Select the pictures you include well. Sometimes it is better to include fewer photos, give more visibility to the best ones (for example, putting them on every page or double page), and create a harmonic set between them. The good thing is that you can experiment with different combinations to find the one that convinces you the most.
  5. – Ask other people to review your album project so you can correct errors in the names or other types of errata.
  6. – Share your free online digital album so that it reaches all the interested people.

school albumIf you want to get one of these two personalized photo albums to enter our page, choose the template that convinces you as the base and begins to create. It is very easy … just import your photos, music or videos from your computer into your Look and Remember online account without having to download any additional software. Then personalize and decorate your album with our graphic resources of all kinds, and add texts or dedications, data of the course, your names … Give your personal touch and have fun creating.

What today is a beautiful snap to a stage will also be an endearing reminder that you will be very happy to have preserved and that you can browse whenever you want.