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Writing cursive letters
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Writing cursive letters: How the letters are used

The cursive letter is a letter that is used in printing and is characterized by having a stroke inclined to the right. In many writings, we see that it is used, although most of the time it is difficult to detect the reason. The method improves your writing quickly. Writing cursive letters in the English language follows certain rules that if you do not know, in this article we indicate which are in this same article.

Writing cursive letters and their use

Cursive letter templates

1. The titles of the books, when they are referred to, are always written in italics.

2. The titles of theses and dissertations are also written with cursive letters when they are referred to in other contexts.

3. The titles of the periodical publications (magazines, newspapers, newspapers, etc.), the titles of the comics, bundles, the titles of encyclicals are written in cursive letters.

4. The foreign words or phrases are always written in italics, no matter what language they come from.

5. The titles of the works of art are always written in italics, be it music, poetry, dance, et cetera.

6. The titles of films, programs, and television and radio series.

7. The Latin names of plants, animals or viruses are also written in italics.

8. The proper names applied to objects, cars, gadgets … They are also written in italics.

9. Any phrase, word or text that the author wants to highlight can be done using the cursive letter. Be done using the cursive letter.

10. They write in italics those words or expressions written wrong with the intention of jargon or to emulate some male-sound.

Cursive letter templates

If you have trouble learning cursive letters here, you have the right article to get it. In the image attached to this introduction, you will see a template to make the letters italicized lowercase, you just have to follow the arrows to practice the realization of the cursive letters.

In the image, you can see a word written without italics. The word is written with straight lines. For example, it has a symmetry between its elements. Then you will see the same word in italics. So, you understand perfectly what you have to do and also serve as templates.

Cursive letter templates

As you can see the word Hello has been leaning to the right, always the italics should lean to this side. If you want to write in italics, you should pretend that the letter is running forward. With the guides, you can see the deviation that is given to the cursive letter.

Another important aspect is that all types of letters have their italics. Therefore, an arial letter has a different italic than a verdana.

Here you have a template of writing cursive letters. In the upper case, following the template of the initial step, you can also make these letters. As you can see in the image, the numbers in italics are much easier since all you have to do is tilt them a bit.